Book Name: Transport Planning and Traffic Safety by Geetam Tiwari and Dinesh Mohan
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Transport Planning and Traffic Safety Making Cities, Roads and Automobiles Safer by Geetam Tiwari and Dinesh Mohan


PREFACE:TRIPP, the Transportation Analysis and Damage Prevention Programme on the Indian Institute of Expertise Delhi, had earlier (in 2005) introduced out, The Means Ahead: Transportation Planning and Highway Safety which can, in a fashion of talking, be thought of a prequel to the current quantity.

Sure necessary areas of concern do overlap however the issues of security and mobility are everlasting whereas the context of time and place is consistently shifting and altering, therefore the periodic must overview and reassess the topic into account. TRIPP has been organizing an annual Worldwide Course on Transportation Planning and Traffic Safety since 1991.

The construction and content material of the course has been modified yearly based mostly on the suggestions acquired from the contributors and the Course college. The content material of Transport Planning and Traffic Safety: Making Cities, Roads, and Automobiles Safer is predicated on the lectures delivered within the course, supplemented by related extra texts.


This guide is meant to be the supply guide for street security coaching programs in addition to an introductory textbook for graduate stage programs on street security taught in engineering institutes. In recognition of the significance of Highway Safety as a serious well being difficulty the World Well being Organisation has declared 2011–2021 the Decade of Safety Motion.

A number of international locations in Europe, North America and Asia have been profitable in lowering fatalities and accidents on account of street site visitors crashes; nonetheless, many low earnings international locations proceed to expertise excessive charges of site visitors fatalities and accidents. This guide brings collectively the worldwide expertise and classes learnt from international locations which have been profitable in lowering site visitors crashes and their applicability in low earnings international locations.

The content material is interdisciplinary and geared toward professionals – site visitors and street engineers, automobile designers, regulation enforcers, and transport planners. The target is to focus on the general public well being and techniques strategy of site visitors security with the weak street person in focus.


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