Book Name: There’s Snow Place Like Home
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Language: English
Format: PDF
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Book Description:

Dashing through the snow,
Running as fast as they can,
Hungry for some gnomes,
But they’d settle for some Man…
-Traditional Cheerington song warning children about the region’s reindeer
Steal gifts! Fight Reindeer! Save the holidays!

Take on the dreaded devil Belsnickel and save the snowy gnomish town of Cheerington from his grasp in this fun-filled adventure for one-on-one parties or small groups level 4-5.
Inside you’ll find:

A one-shot adventure involving roleplay, exploration, and combat!
4 new festive creatures!
2 maps ready for print or import!
6 exciting new magical items to gift to your players!


There’s Snow Place Like Home

Author(s): Jonathan Ball, Bell Ball

Series: D&D Duets

Year: 2020


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