Book Name: The Watchmaker’s Daughter: a Memoir
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The Watchmaker’s Daughter is the story of a refugee girl born to a watchmaker who saved lives in Dachau prison and a concert pianist who was about to debut when the Nazis took power. In this memoir, Sonia Taitz is born into a world where her parents, who survived concentration camps, talk about the Holocaust all the time. This legacy, along with Sonia’s passion and intelligence, leads the author to create an exciting life in which she tries to heal both her parents and herself through travel, achievement, and a risky love affair. It’s funny that it’s him.; The Man Who Fixed Time, Naming Ceremony, Arpeggios, Arpège, and Running Like a Crazy are all parts of the prologue. My Shtetl, Washington Heights; Your Doris, My Elizabeth; La Vie en Rose; The Almost Blind Watchmaker; Piano and Potatoes; Veal in Love; Operation Blue — Violet; Modern/Orthodox; Beauty Queen; A Lament for Esau; My Helen Keller Fixation; Lucky Number 13; A Small Celebrity; Redemption Song; The Making of a Courtesan; Miles to Go; Omega and Alpha; Escapes, West and East; The Vow.


Download The Watchmaker’s Daughter: a Memoir Epub 

Author(s): Taitz, Sonia

Publisher: McWitty Press, Year: 2012

ISBN: 9780975561898


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