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The Startup Growth Book: 50+ Proven Ways to Scale Your Business Without a Marketing Budget

The Startup Growth Book  free

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50+ Proven Ways to Scale Your Business Without a Marketing Budget
Marketing is consistently considered one of the main reasons that startups fail, and every year, tens of thousands of businesses close simply because they didn’t prioritize marketing early enough. The problem is that many startup founders believe they cannot do any real marketing until they can afford it, and that’s simply not true, because Marketing doesn’t have to cost a dime!

After 15 years handling growth for startups, Andrew Lee Miller, an accomplished, early-stage startup marketing expert, who’s taken three young companies to multi-million dollar exits, found that there were tons of valuable growth strategies that could be implemented that don’t cost anything. Bootstrapped Marketing, Growth Hacking, Organic Marketing and more, all refer to the lesser known ways of attaining scalable growth for your business without a large “war chest” for paid advertising, and Andrew has spent over a decade developing, testing, and proving out the best of the best strategies that actually work.

The Startup Growth Book then is the culmination of Andrew’s 15+ years of in-the-trenches startup growth experience and is the only business book out there that actually teaches entrepreneurs and marketers how to build sustainable, scalable growth, channel by channel, with zero advertising budget. Tried and tested by Andrew, this book draws from Andrew’s experiences scaling over 100 startups in over a dozen nations and languages. This book is ideal for young marketers who want to learn cutting-edge tactics from a master and new businesses that want to grow organically and prove traction without spending cash on Paid Advertising.

For the first time ever, Andrew will show you how to scale organically using 10 different channels.

Learn exactly how to launch and scale these channels without spending money:
• Public Relations across all major media channels
• Search Engine Optimization so people can discover you organically
• Email Marketing to master the most effective means of marketing communication
• Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing done right
… and more.

After reading this book, you will be able to implement these lessons to drive growth in your business without needing to outsource to a Marketing agency, hire a marketing team, or even run any Facebook ads. Dozens of companies have already implemented Andrew’s growth hacking tactics, and have scaled to millions of dollars in revenue.


The Startup Growth Book: 50+ Proven Ways to Scale Your Business Without a Marketing Budget

Author(s): Andrew Lee Miller

Publisher: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, Year: 2021

ISBN: 9781953153616


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