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Author: elena armas
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The Spanish Love Deception book

Book Description : 

A best-seller in the New York Times

This rom-com about a young woman who agrees to fake date a coworker and bring him to her sister’s wedding was a big hit on TikTok. It has “everything you could want in a romance,” as one reviewer said (Helen Hoang, New York Times bestselling author).

Catalina Martn wants a date to her sister’s wedding more than anything. Even more so now that her small lie about her American boyfriend has gotten out of hand. Now, everyone she knows will be there to meet him, including her ex and the woman he is engaged to.

She has only four weeks to find someone who will cross the Atlantic to help her lie. The flight from New York to Spain isn’t short, and her loud family won’t be easy to trick.

Aaron Blackford, her tall, handsome, and condescending coworker, offer to help out of the blue. She would rather say no because she has never met a more annoying, annoying, and annoying man.

Catalina is desperate, though, and Aaron seems to be her best option as the wedding date gets closer. And she starts to think that he might not be as bad in real life as he is at work.

Book Contents 

Chapter 1: ‘I’m thinking’ – Oh, but are you?
Chapter 2: Renegade perception
Chapter 3: The Pushbacker sting
Chapter 4: ‘Covid’: The calculated catastrophe
Chapter 5: There is no ‘virus’
Chapter 6: Sequence of deceit
Chapter 7: War on your mind
Chapter 8: ‘Reframing’ insanity
Chapter 9: We must have it? So what is it?
Chapter 10: Human 2.0
Chapter 11: Who controls the Cult?
Chapter 12: Escaping Wetiko


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