Book Name: The Small Business Bible Everything You Need in Your Small Business
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The Small Business Bible Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in Your Small Business by Steven D. Strauss | PDF Free Download. 

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The Small Business Bible Everything You Need in Your Small Business 

The Small Business Bible pdf book

The Small Business Bible Contents

Part I Genesis

  • Chapter 1. In The Beginning
  • Chapter 2. Choosing The Right Business
  • Chapter 3. Buying An Existing Business
  • Chapter 4. Understanding Your Market
  • Chapter 5. Calculating Your Startup Costs
  • Chapter 6. Write A Winning Business Plan
  • Chapter 7. Structuring Your Business
  • Chapter 8. The Money Hun

Part II Setting Up Shop

  • Chapter 9. Location, Location, Location
  • Chapter 10. Branding 101
  • Chapter 11. Products And Inventory
  • Chapter 12. Successful Pricing Strategies
  • Chapter 13. Small Business Technology
  • Chapter 14. Small Business Software

Part III Money

  • Chapter 15. Accounting Ease 
  • Chapter 16. Making A Profit
  • Chapter 17. Getting And Extending Credit 
  • Chapter 18. Insurance
  • Chapter 19. Get A Handle On Taxes 
  • Chapter 20. Legal Ease I 
  • Chapter 21. Legal Ease II

Part IV Growing Your Business

  • Chapter 22. Successful Advertising Strategies 
  • Chapter 23. Marketing Muscle 
  • Chapter 24. Your Web Presence 
  • Chapter 25. Exodus 

Part V Dealing With People

  • Chapter 26. Hiring And Firing 
  • Chapter 27. Employee Benefits Demystified 
  • Chapter 28. Training And Motivating Your Staff 
  • Chapter 29. Extraordinary Sales And Exemplary Customer Service 

Part VI Franchises

  • Chapter 30. Selecting The Right Franchise 
  • Chapter 31. Franchise Success Secrets 

Part VII Home-Based Businesses

  • Chapter 32. The Home-Based Business
  • Chapter 33. Successful Home-Based Business Strategies

Part VIII Business On A Shoestring

  • Chapter 34. The Shoestring Entrepreneur 
  • Chapter 35. Marketing On A Shoestring

Part IX Small Business Success Strategies

  • Chapter 36. Small Business Success Secrets I: Money
  • Chapter 37. Small Business Success Secrets II: Vision

Preface to The Small Business Bible Everything You Need in Your Small Business

Starting, owning, and running a successful small business is one of the great joys in life. No, there are no guarantees, and yes, there are obstacles.

But if you do it right, if you start the right small business one suited to your strengths, one that you are passionate about, one that epitomizes your highest dreams and values, and certainly one that allows you to make a nice profit—then there is no telling how far it can take you.

This book shows you how to get there. But be forewarned: If you are looking for a book that will give you the theoretical underpinnings of small business theory and expository prose about business assumptions, this is the wrong book for you. Put it down.

Instead, what you will get in these pages are tried-and-true, real-world business tips, skills, examples, and strategies that have been proven to help small businesses grow, which can help your small business grow.

Written in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner, chock full of interesting, actual examples, The Small Business Bible contains everything you need to know to have a successful, fulfilling, enjoyable entrepreneurial journey.

Covering the simple to the complex, The Small Business Bible allows you to easily and quickly get up to speed on any pertinent subject.

Would you like to know how to create a memorable brand for your small business? It is in here. Unsure about small business accounting? Read on.

Shoestring marketing? Yep, it is here, too. It is all here. The Small Business Bible covers everything you need to know or might need to know, about starting or running a successful and enjoyable small business. It is not called The Small Business Bible for anything.

As the long-time small business columnist for (, I have the opportunity to interact with many small business owners.

I hear their war stories and learn their secrets, which I want to impart to you in this book: the best tips, hints, and ideas I have come across.

By helping you to avoid mistakes, teaching you important, difference-making business strategies, and sharing what works, The Small Business Bible is intended to be your one-stop-shop for all things small business.

If I have done my job right, it should become an indispensable business partner; a well-used, dog-eared friend that shows you the way. Thanks for taking it along with you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Download The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in Your Small Business PDF 

Author(s): Steven D. Strauss

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2008

ISBN: 0470261242,9780470261248

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