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All of Germany’s history over the past 2,000 years in one exciting afternoon. The Shortest History of China came next.

Germany has been at the centre of many important world events, such as the Reformation, World Wars, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. It didn’t become a modern country until 1871, but today Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world and is a leader in liberal democracy.

“There’s no point in studying the past if it doesn’t shed light on the present,” James Hawes writes in this brilliantly brief history that has already captivated hundreds of thousands of readers. “Now more than ever, we should all learn about Germany’s real history.”

As the West tries to deal with the rise of populism, some people say that Germany is one of the last global powers that can bring back Europe’s lost glory and protect liberal Western values that seem to be under attack worldwide. How did Germany get to this place? How did it get back on its feet after the terrible events of WWII? Why did Nazism start to grow in Germany in the first place? And what can we learn from the history of a people who didn’t become a modern nation until 1871?

James Hawes answers all of these questions and more. The Shortest History of Germany uses more than 100 maps, pictures, and diagrams to find the true roots of the horrors of Nazi Germany in a way that no other book has done before. It also shows how the limes Germanicus, an ancient Roman divide, has shaped not only German history but also the Germany we think we know today.

Table of contents :

PREFACE: If Not Now, When?
In the Proto-Beginning
PART ONE: The First Half-Millennium: 58 BC–526 AD
PART TWO: The Second Half-Millennium: 526 AD–983 AD
PART THREE: The Third Half-Millennium: 983 AD–1525 AD
PART FOUR: The Fourth Half-Millennium: 1525 AD–Present
Permissions Acknowledgments
About the Author


Download The Shortest History of Germany: From Julius Caesar to Angela Merkel–A Retelling for Our Times PDF 

Author(s): James Hawes

Publisher: Experiment, Year: 2019

ISBN: 1615195696,9781615195695


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