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The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir

    Book Name: The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir
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    Language: English
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    The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir pdf

    Book Description:

    John Bolton spent many of his 453 days as President Trump’s National Security Advisor in the room where it happened, and the facts speak for themselves.

    The result is a memoir about life in the White House that is the most complete and detailed account of the Trump Administration written by a top-level official to date. John Bolton wrote a detailed report of his time in and around the Oval Office, where he saw the President almost daily. What Bolton saw shocked him: a President who only cared about getting reelected, even if it meant putting the country in danger or weakening it. He writes, “It’s hard for me to think of a major decision Trump made during my time in office that wasn’t based on reelection calculations.” He says that the House messed up the impeachment process by focusing only on Ukraine when Trump did things like what happened in Ukraine in his foreign policy. Bolton shows precisely what those things were and how he and others in the Administration tried to warn people about them.

    He shows a President who loved chaos, sided with our enemies and ignored our friends, and was very suspicious of his own government. Bolton says that all of this put Trump on the strange path that led to his impeachment. Bolton, who worked for Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43, writes, “The differences between this presidency and the ones I had worked for were shocking.” He found a President who thought foreign policy was like closing a real estate deal—all about personal relationships, made-for-TV showmanship, and advancing his interests. Because of this, the US missed a chance to deal with its growing threats, and countries like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea became more vulnerable.

    The first part of Bolton’s story is about his long journey to the West Wing as Trump and others try to get him to take the National Security job. As soon as he gets there, he has to deal with Syria’s chemical attack on Douma. After that, he has to deal with crisis after crisis. In the first few pages, he says, “Try something else if you don’t like turmoil, uncertainty, and risk while being constantly overwhelmed with information, decisions to be made, and the sheer amount of work.”

    All the turmoil, conflicts, and egos are there, from the chaos in Venezuela to Kim Jong Un’s erratic and manipulative moves in North Korea to the showdowns at the G7 summits, Iran’s calculated warmongering, the crazy plan to bring the Taliban to Camp David, and the attempts to appease an authoritarian China that led to the world finding out about its deadly lies. But this long-time public servant also has a good sense of how things work behind the scenes in Washington. His story about how he saw things go is full of wit and dry humor about how he saw things go.

    Table of contents :

    Title Page
    Chapter 1: The Long March to a West Wing Corner Office
    Chapter 2: Cry “Havoc!” and Let Slip the Dogs of War
    Chapter 3: America Breaks Free
    Chapter 4: The Singapore Sling
    Chapter 5: A Tale of Three Cities—Summits in Brussels, London, and Helsinki
    Chapter 6: Thwarting Russia
    Chapter 7: Trump Heads for the Door in Syria and Afghanistan and Can’t Find It
    Chapter 8: Chaos as a Way of Life
    Chapter 9: Venezuela Libre
    Chapter 10: Thunder Out of China
    Chapter 11: Checking into the Hanoi Hilton, Then Checking Out, and the Panmunjom Playtime
    Chapter 12: Trump Loses His Way, and Then His Nerve
    Chapter 13: From the Afghanistan Counterterrorism Mission to the Camp David Near Miss
    Chapter 14: The End of the Idyll
    Chapter 15: Epilogue
    About the Author


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    Author(s): John Bolton

    Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Year: 2020

    ISBN: 1982148039,9781982148034



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