Book Name: [PDF] The Mechanics of Soils and Foundations by John Atkinson
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The Mechanics of Soils and Foundations PDF 

Author(s): John Atkinson

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2007

ISBN: 0415362555

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The Mechanics of Soils and Foundations Second Version by John Atkinson

This e book is in regards to the behaviour of engineering soils and easy geotechnical constructions similar to foundations and slopes and it covers most of the theoretical geotechnical engineering content material of a level course in civil engineering. The e book is aimed primarily at college students taking first diploma programs in civil engineering nevertheless it also needs to attraction to engineers, engineering geologists and postgraduate college students wishing for a easy and simple introduction to the present theories of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering.Though it offers particularly with soils and soil mechanics many of the theories and strategies described apply additionally to rocks and rock mechanics. The educating and observe of geotechnical engineering has undergone important adjustments previously 25 years or so, each within the growth of new theories and practices and within the standing of the topic throughout the civil engineering curriculum. Geotechnical engineering is now thought to be one of the key disciplines in civil engineering evaluation (the others being hydraulics and constructions).

The most essential growth, nonetheless, has been the unification of shearing and volumetric results in soil mechanics within the theories recognized typically as important state soil mechanics and software of these theories in geotechnical evaluation. On this e book, in contrast to most of the opposite modern books on soil mechanics, the topic is developed utilizing the unified theories proper from the beginning, and theories for stability of foundations and slopes are developed via the higher and decrease certain plasticity strategies in addition to the extra generally used restrict equilibrium technique.

That is an up-to-date strategy to soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering and it offers a easy and logical framework for educating the essential rules of the topic. The time period ‘important state soil mechanics’ means various things to totally different folks. Some take important state soil mechanics to incorporate the entire mathematical mannequin referred to as Cam Clay and they might say that that is too superior for an undergraduate course.

My view is far less complicated, and by important state soil mechanics I imply the mixture of shear stress, regular stress and quantity right into a single unifying framework. On this means a a lot clearer thought emerges of the behaviour of usually consolidated and overconsolidated soils throughout drained and undrained loading as much as, and together with, the final word or important states.

It’s the relationship between the preliminary states and the important states that largely determines soil behaviour. This straightforward framework is extraordinarily helpful for educating and studying about soil mechanics and it results in a quantity of easy analyses for stability of slopes, partitions and foundations. This e book is predicated on programs of lectures given to undergraduate college students in civil engineering at Metropolis College.

Book Description:

Ideal for undergraduates of geotechnical engineering for civil engineers, this established textbook sets out the basic theories of soil mechanics in a clear and straightforward way; combining both classical and critical state theories and giving students a good grounding in the subject which will last right through into a career as a geotechnical engineer.

The subject is broken down into discrete topics which are presented in a series of short, focused chapters with clear and accessible text that develops from the purely theoretical to discussing practical applications. Soil behaviour is described by relatively simple equations with clear parameters while a number of worked examples and simple experimental demonstrations are included to illustrate the principles involved and aid reader understanding.

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