Book Name: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum
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Imagine that, at a frighteningly rapid rate, everything you use on a daily basis is being outfitted with computer technology. Consider how your phone, camera, and vehicle are all automated and programmed by individuals who, in their haste to embrace the many benefits of the silicon chip, have abdicated their duty to make these products user-friendly. The Inmates Are Running the Asylum contends that the business executives who decide to develop these products are not in control of the technology used to create them. The Inmates Are Running the Asylum is enlightening and entertaining, using the author’s experiences in corporate America to illustrate how talented people continue to design bad software-based products and why we need technology to function the way the average person thinks. This book discusses why we need to rapidly find the happy medium that makes these types of products both user- and business-friendly.


Download Inmates Are Running the Asylum, the: Why High-Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity PDF 

Author(s): Cooper, Alan

Publisher: Sams, Year: 2004

ISBN: 0672326140


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