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The Idea Generator Tools for Business Growth by Ken Hudson | PDF Free Download. 

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The Idea Generator Tools for Business Growth by Ken Hudson 

The Idea Generator: Tools for Business Growth pdf free

Author of The Idea Generator Tools for Business Growth eBook

Ken Hudson has a Ph.D. in organizational creativity. His thesis explored the notion of ‘designing a continuously creative organization’.

Ken has also worked in senior roles for over 15 years in marketing, advertising and management consulting. He formed his own innovation consulting business in 2001 called The Idea Space.

Ken has worked with many leading brands, including Heinz, Wrigley, Colgate, Kellogg’s, Unilever, Disney, DuPont, and Nestlé.

He also teaches Marketing Creativity, a subject he designed, at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Idea Generator Tools Contents

  • Ten tools to solve problems in a more powerful way 
  • Ten tools to create new growth opportunities 
  • Ten tools to immediately improve your performance
  • Ten tools to enhance your team’s performance 
  • Ten tools to help you sell with more impact
  • Ten tools to deliver breakthrough leadership results 

Introduction to The Idea Generator Tools for Business Growth PDF

The business world is moving at an ever-increasing pace. Product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Consumers and retailers want better products, sooner.

Shareholders demand higher performance and faster results. Employees expect a better work/life balance and want their bosses to act in a responsible and sustainable way.

But just as managers are facing these spiraling pressures they are being given fewer people, a smaller budget, and, perhaps most importantly, less time.

As a result, many managers and leaders feel stranded or ‘stuck’. They know intuitively that what has worked in the past will no longer work in the future.

Their business school education no longer equips them with the tools to address the realities of a changing marketplace.

The biggest challenge is to look at these issues from a fresh perspective. For example, by redefining the circus experience, the Canadian troupe Cirque du Soleil has been able to achieve great success. It was not bound by what a circus had been, but what it could be.

I call this process ‘becoming unstuck’—moving beyond a rigid view to a more dynamic and productive one. Changing your mindset enables you to out-think and out-imagine your competition. And to achieve this goal you need a new set of tools.


  • Trapped by precedent
  • Incremental growth
  • Familiar ideas and solutions
  • Career blockage


  • Set free by imagination
  • Non-linear growth
  • Breakthrough ideas and solutions
  • Unlimited opportunities

The Idea Generator provides practical, effective tools that will improve the productivity of your thinking.

The tools in this book can be learned by anyone, at any level, regardless of role or education and have been tested over a number of years in hundreds of workshops.

The Idea Generator model

In most situations, there are two elements: the problem (the challenge, goal, or opportunity you are currently dealing with) and the way of ‘seeing’ this problem (your lens, mindset, or perception).

I have called the current problem ‘P1’ and the current lens in use ‘L1’. If you always use the same problem or P1 and you view this problem with the same lens or L1, it should not surprise you when you obtain the same outcome.

For example, if your P1 is how to increase customer satisfaction, and you continue to look at this problem with the same L1—it is the responsibility of the customer service manager—then the outcome will probably not vary considerably from last year’s results.


Download The Idea Generator: Tools for Business Growth PDF 

Author(s): Ken Hudson

Publisher: Allen & Unwin, Year: 2008

ISBN: 9781741149586,1741149584

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