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Most of the way we think about business is shaped by delusions, which are mistakes in logic and flawed judgements that make us miss the real reasons for a company’s performance. In a brilliant and unusual book, Phil Rosenzweig shows how the business world is often full of false beliefs. These false beliefs affect the business press, academic research, and many best-selling books that promise to reveal the secrets of success or the path to greatness. These books say they are based on careful thinking but mostly just stories. They make managers feel good and give them ideas, but they don’t tell them the truth about what makes a business successful. The Halo Effect is the most common false idea. People often think a company has a great strategy, a visionary leader, skilled employees, and a great corporate culture if its sales and profits increase. When performance goes down, they think the process was wrong, the leader got too cocky, the people got too comfortable, and the culture stayed the same. Not much may have changed. How a company does affects how we see strategy, leadership, people, culture, and more. Rosenzweig shows that the Halo Effect is expected using examples from top companies like Cisco Systems, IBM, Nokia, and ABB. This indicates that business bestsellers like In Search of Excellence, Built to Last, and Good to Great are not as helpful as they seem. Rosenzweig identifies nine popular business delusions. The Delusion of Absolute Performance is one of them. A company’s performance is not absolute, but depends on how it compares to the competition. This is why following a formula can never guarantee results. To be successful, managers must do things better than their competitors. This means they have to take risks. The Fallacy of Thorough Research: Many best-selling authors are proud of how much data they have collected, but they forget that if the data aren’t correct, it doesn’t matter how much data was collected or how advanced the research methods look. They fool the reader by using flash instead of substance. The Fallacy of Single Explanations: Many studies show that a particular factor, like corporate culture, social responsibility, or customer focus, leads to better performance. But because many of these factors are firmly linked, the effect of each one is often less than it seems. In The Halo Effect, a book that looks like it will be a landmark, wrong ideas are replaced with a clearer understanding of what makes a business succeed or fail. The Halo Effect is a guide for the thinking manager. It shows how to spot business research mistakes and determine what makes a business succeed or fail. Rosenzweig’s book is sceptical, intelligent, controversial, and thankfully free of business jargon. It is also severe, with Rosenzweig making his points about essential issues bluntly and directly that, will appeal to a broad business audience. The Halo Effect is a must-read for managers who want to know what’s true and what’s not in the business world. It’s witty, often funny, and sharply argued, and it’s an antidote to so much of the conventional thinking that fills business bookshelves.

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Author(s): Phil Rosenzweig

Publisher: Free Press, Year: 2007

ISBN: 0743291263,9780743291262


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