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The Giza Power Plant by Christopher Dunn

The Giza Power Plant Applied sciences of Historic Egypt by Christopher Dunn PDF Free Download

The Giza Power Plant Contents

  • Chapter One A New Paradigm, A New Order
  • Chapter Two Questions, Discovery, and Extra Questions
  • Chapter Three Precision Unparalleled
  • Chapter 4 Superior Machining in Historic Egypt
  • Chapter 5 Superb Discovery at Giza
  • Chapter Six The Coral Citadel Thriller
  • Chapter Seven Endeavoring to Clarify the Enigma
  • Chapter Eight The Giza Power Plant
  • Chapter 9 The Mighty Crystal
  • Chapter Ten An Superb Maser
  • Chapter Eleven A Hydrogen Generator
  • Chapter Twelve Meltdown
  • Chapter 13 Abstract
  • Chapter Fourteen A Glimpse into the Previous
  • Chapter Fifteen Wrought Iron Discovered within the Nice Pyramid
  • Appendix A The Mechanical Strategies of the Pyramid Builders
  • Appendix B Wrought Iron Discovered within the Nice Pyramid

Introduction to The Giza Power Plant PDF

F or years there was a robust perception {that a} extremely superior civilization populated this planet 1000’s of years in the past.

This perception appears to be growing and affecting not simply the fringes of educational thought, however as the brand new millennium approaches, extra typical students and their college students.

Anomalous artifacts have been present in Egypt and different locations that indicate the usage of what we might think about superior expertise, by both their perform or design and manufacture.

Did our distant ancestors possess scientific data and technical expertise that we have now struggled to accumulate for hundreds of years?

Many individuals would emphatically reply “Sure”! Based mostly on logical arguments that reference artifacts from historical instances, students and laypeople alike are slowly coming to the conclusion and giving credence to the concept that cataclysmic forces introduced a technologically astute civilization to an finish.

Understandably, this motion, which threatens to shake the foundations of Western orthodoxy, has its antagonists.

And in rebutting speculations in regards to the existence of technologically superior civilizations in prehistory, orthodox students pose pertinent questions: The place is the infrastructure to assist such a excessive civilization? How was this tradition sustained?

The place are their energy strains? The place are their energy vegetation? The engineering marvel of Egypt often known as the Nice Pyramid of Giza offers some solutions to those questions.

Its sheer dimension and precision have evoked amazement and marvel from folks of all disciplines who for many years have studied and tried to grasp what it will take to duplicate it.

Furthermore, it has prompted folks to query and marvel in regards to the nature of its true origins certainly, in regards to the true goal for which it was initially constructed.

Why ought to this be? Hasn’t it been confirmed that the Nice Pyramid was initially a tomb? Nicely, it depends upon whom you imagine.

Actually, students have theorized that the Nice Pyramid was constructed to be a tomb, however their questioning and inquiries have continued for many years with out ceasing, and the views of many are that the idea isn’t supported by proof.

On this guide, I’ll consider and current proof that refutes the tomb idea and that exhibits as a substitute that the Nice Pyramid of Giza is, in reality, a tremendous and technically superior machine.

The Nice Pyramid has dominated the Giza Plateau for 1000’s of years; and through these years it has attracted the eye of tens of millions by its profound potential to puzzle, confound, amaze, and defy the questioning minds of generations of students.

Within the chronology of significant research of the Nice Pyramid, there was a lot wonderment, superstition, hypothesis, and spiritual awe directed towards it that it’s generally tough to view this construction with out one in every of these feelings coloring one’s perspective.

Huge quantities of knowledge have been amassed about this pyramid, and far of it nonetheless requires evaluation. Finally, researchers have needed to depart the topic with out fully answering all of the questions.

The following two quotations aptly categorical the dilemma confronted by anybody attempting to grasp the true significance of the Nice Pyramid.

In Secrets and techniques of the Nice Pyramid, Peter Tompkins wrote, I’ve collected a mass of numerical proof which exhibits that the inhabitants of the traditional world have been acquainted with the speed of the precession of the equinoxes and connected a significant significance to it. However with a purpose to cope with this proof, I must open a wholly new matter.

I encourage the indulgence of the reader in asking him to stay happy for the second with the mere trace that there’s yet one more lesson in regards to the degree of Egyptian science to be drawn from the stark nakedness of the Nice Pyramid.

William Repair, in Pyramid Odyssey, mentioned, “Making sense of the Nice Pyramid and the data encoded in it requires a elementary re-visioning of historical past and the character of man.

One night time in September 1977, I used to be engrossed in Tompkins’ guide, and his concepts, and people of quite a few different researchers, that the Nice Pyramid was greater than only a tomb, resonated inside me like rolling thunder.

Thunder touches every thing in its path, however to grasp it, it’s important to penetrate a heavy cloak of clouds. I felt as if I used to be penetrating these clouds.

The technologist in me was awakening to a voice that leaped from the pages and demanded consideration. I grew to become fascinated with a subject about which I had little prior data or curiosity. My life was modified.

Encyclopedias contained little of the information that Tompkins’ guide offered. His predominant focus was the Nice Pyramid, and he offered theories of quite a few researchers relationship again to the time of Herodotus.

There was a definite presumption on the a part of many who sure traits of the Nice Pyramid didn’t match the expectations one would have for a burial place. Not desirous to stray too removed from the “official” idea, some assigned a twin goal to it.

Others questioned the validity of the tomb state of affairs and provided different concepts to supplant it. Utilizing pictures, sketches of the inside passages and chambers of the Nice Pyramid, and measurements are fastidiously taken by nineteenth-century explorers

Tompkins offered particulars describing a relic from the Outdated Kingdom in Egypt that, when examined within the context of an undeveloped society, stood out in stark contradiction to conventional views of the constructing and goal of the Nice Pyramid.

Furthermore, the correct element and precision with which the Nice Pyramid was constructed have been clearly very superior, even when in comparison with the efforts of contemporary technologists resembling myself.

In my thoughts, Tompkins’ questions have been persuasive arguments for additional research of the Nice Pyramid, and so they launched me on a person quest to guage the information myself.

I used to be pushed by the query: If the Nice Pyramid isn’t a tomb, then what’s it? A big a part of my background has been finding out blueprints and understanding the intentions of the engineers and craftspeople who created them.

Finding out the drawings that confirmed a cross-section of the Nice Pyramid and studying in regards to the astounding precision constructed into it, I used to be astonished and will discover no logical resemblance to any function one would discover in a constructing constructed for human exercise.

Exact descriptions of virtually each inch of the Nice Pyramid revealed an accuracy and element on such a big scale that I started to query that the Nice Pyramid was used as a tomb.

I started to see the drawings of the Nice Pyramid, with its quite a few chambers and passageways positioned with such deliberate accuracy, because the schematics of a really massive machine. I grew to become satisfied that it couldn’t be the rest, and I set about attempting to grasp how this machine operated.

The effort could possibly be thought of related to what’s often known as the method of reverse engineering. To achieve success at this, I knew that I needed to discover a solution for each single element discovered throughout the Nice Pyramid. I couldn’t ignore any proof or twist it in any method.

I used to be decided to arrange a report that was correct and as trustworthy as I used to be able to making it. As a craftsman and engineer, I’ve labored with machines for over thirty-five years. I started to use my specialised data to the information gathered in regards to the Nice Pyramid.

As an example, students have instructed that the pyramids have been constructed with primitive hand instruments. This can be a topic I do know one thing about.

I as soon as apprenticed in England, the place I labored many hours utilizing nothing however hand instruments. Saws, drills, information, and chisels have been all we have been allowed to make use of to create precision objects.

On the time, I did not see the good thing about this toil Why work eight hours a day bent over a bit of metal clamped in a vise when there was equipment within the space that might do the work extra rapidly and precisely? The results of this labor was a number of precision artifacts and extra vital the data and appreciation of what it takes to supply one thing by hand.

It additionally served to forge continuity between the craftspeople of the Outdated World and people of the New World.

As I evaluated the opinions of Egyptologists about historical constructing and machining methods, my coaching instructed me that their theories have been missing at finest and outright improper at worst. As I regarded on the information, in reality, I started to suspect that the traditional Egyptians could have used technologically superior instruments.

Bringing purposes from my work as a machinist to bear on my speculations about Egypt and its Nice Pyramid, this imprecise suspicion grew to become a agency perception as I contemplated for innumerable hours on the strategies which may have been used to supply the assorted artifacts.

I used to be full of awe and marvel on the methods used, and on the identical time, I started to concentrate on a larger appreciation for the expertise our personal society has developed. I additionally questioned what future archaeologists would say about among the artifacts we could depart behind.

With the advances in manufacturing expertise, my profession has been a steady instructional expertise that in the end guided me into the sector of laser processing of supplies.

Throughout this era, I used to be requested to offer a presentation to an area highschool on profession alternatives in manufacturing. In preparation for my presentation, I minimize two similar cartoon characters out of stainless-steel on as-axes YAG laser.

The machine is a pc numerical managed machine, and every character had high-quality detailing with a .010-inch kerf (minimize width).

Having a fascination for the analytical expertise mandatory to find out how prehistoric societies manufactured precision artifacts, I offered one in every of these laser-cut figures to the category and instructed them that if our civilization have been to be destroyed, future archaeologists could possibly decide the manufacturing instruments our civilization makes use of simply by finding out that object.

The floor of the minimize, when studied underneath a microscope, would present indicators of a recast layer, indicating the usage of warmth in its manufacturing, and the high-quality kerf can solely be produced by that warmth being centered to a really small spot.

The laser, I defined to the category, is the one technique that’s able to producing the options discovered on this object.

I then described the assorted disciplines concerned within the creation of the laser. It required physicists, optical engineers, mechanical engineers, supplies and electrical engineers, and a number of craftspeople constructing tools to their specs.

There have been fairly a couple of careers concerned within the creation of this seemingly easy cartoon character. To examine this laser-cut object, consider a proficient artist drawing freehand with a pencil.

The strains the place the laser has minimize by way of the fabric are as thick as a pencil line. Utilizing the regulation of Occam’s razor, the place the best resolution might be the proper one, it could possibly be assumed {that a} proficient artist created this stainless-steel character by guiding a handheld laser.

I then produced the opposite cartoon character and positioned them collectively so that every function overlaid the opposite completely. Now, I instructed the category, as a result of the human hand and eye are incapable of manufacturing two objects which have advanced options with such precision, the scope broadens.

There have been clearly different disciplines and careers that had a hand within the cutout. There needed to have been some mechanical system to information the laser alongside its path.

There needed to have been managed to show the laser off because it handed over the metallic—and on once more to punch a gap by way of the metallic and start as soon as once more chopping the intricate strains.

We want electronics engineers, machine device designers, and builders, and laptop engineers, and programmers, I defined, to construct the computer systems and write the codes that information the machine device and management the laser.

Moreover introducing the category to the hidden work alternatives which are behind the most straightforward artifacts, my level was to show the scholars {that a} device is neither created or utilized in isolation.

What I didn’t inform them was that the identical analytical expertise and analyses which are readily accepted when utilized to fashionable artifacts could be equally helpful when analyzing artifacts from historical instances.

The distinction is that the instruments that created fashionable artifacts are nonetheless in existence, whereas people who created many historical artifacts usually are not. It has been the apply of archaeologists to review the artifacts of civilization and decide the minimal assets essential to create them.

Usually, the primitive instruments archaeologists uncover are adequate to clarify these artifacts. There are exceptions, nevertheless; and Egypt has an abundance of artifacts that also must be evaluated appropriately.

Makes an attempt have been made to clarify a few of these artifacts, however they fall in need of figuring out how we may really re-create the artifacts themselves.

A part of this drawback amongst teachers is a persistent barrier of their beliefs which has resulted of their unwillingness to contemplate historical civilizations as being superior.

It’s my competition that till students choose the strategies that precisely replicate a few of these artifacts understudies, they may proceed to underestimate historical achievements and fail to study their true significance.

As a result of so many Egyptian artifacts, together with the Nice Pyramid itself, can’t be defined adequately or totally by anybody idea, the sector of Egyptology is rife with controversy and hypothesis.

There isn’t a scarcity of theories relating to the development and which means of the Nice Pyramid—and the believers of a specific idea generally tend to carry it passionately and religiously. With the intention to current my very own view, I’ll handle different theories and determine the place they fall brief.

My goal, nevertheless, is to advertise cooperation between multi-disciplined researchers within the quest for data about our prehistoric ancestors.

No single self-discipline is able to analyzing and presenting your entire reality relating to the Nice Pyramid. It requires specialists from many various fields.

And Egyptology is just one of them. The truth is that from laypeople to senior analysis scientists, the outdated theories are being rejected, and there are new views being offered by researchers with experience in numerous fields.

Whereas confronted with criticism and generally derision for his or her concepts, these new, usually impartial, theorists possess a excessive degree of cooperation and dedication to the reality.

For instance, Robert Bauval, creator of The Orion Thriller, has these qualities. His discovery of the stellar alignment of the Giza pyramids with the constellation Orion is a invaluable lesson that challenges us to rethink each the Nice Pyramid’s perform and the traditional Egyptians’ degree of astronomical data.

Different impartial researchers resembling Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, and Robert Schoch have supported and energetically promoted the airing of views completely different from their very own as a result of they imagine that every contributor to this analysis may carry an important clue in our understanding of this historical tradition.

This new understanding is vital to us as a species for it provides us with a historical past that’s deeper and richer than we beforehand thought.

On the identical time, it offers us with a guidepost to a future that mixes the perfect of each worlds mixing the expertise of the current with the expertise of a previous that we’re solely now rediscovering.

And maybe extra importantly, this new understanding will reveal a thread of consciousness that’s related with our distant ancestors, giving us a brand new perspective and sense of mortality.

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