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The Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges Concepts and principles


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The Author of Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges

Robert Benaim is the editor of The Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges Concepts and principles PDF Guide.

Most important Contents of Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges

  • The nature of design.
  • Primary ideas.
  • Strengthened concrete.
  • Prestressed concrete.
  • Prestressing for statically determinate beams.
  • Prestressing for steady beams.
  • Articulation of bridges and the design of substructure.
  • The normal principles of concrete deck design.
  • The design of bridge deck parts.
  • Precast beams.
  • Stable slabs, voided slabs and multi-cell field girders.
  • Ribbed slabs.
  • Field girders.
  • Counter-cast know-how for field part decks.
  • The building of girder bridges.
  • The impact of scale on the strategy of building.
  • The design and building of arches.
  • Cable-supported decks.

Introduction to Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges

Concrete has been in use as a major constructing materials since Roman occasions. As it’s robust in compression however weak in pressure, it was utilized in arches, vaults and partitions the place it’s harassed principally in compression.


Within the mid-nineteenth century, it was found that iron and later metal bars might be embedded within the concrete, successfully giving it tensile power.

This allowed it for use in beams and slabs, the place it labored in bending. Buildings, bridges, retaining partitions and many different buildings have been made on this bolstered concrete.

Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges PDF Free Download

Nevertheless, though it’s one of the principal constructing supplies on this planet, it has shortcomings. Strengthened concrete beams and slabs deflect considerably underneath load,

requiring stocky sections to supply sufficient stiffness; because it deflects it cracks which spoils its look and leaves the reinforcing bars susceptible to corrosion;

the massive quantity of bars required to offer the required power to lengthy span beams in bridges and buildings make it troublesome to forged the concrete; it’s labour intensive and gradual to construct. Within the 1930s, Eugène Freyssinet invented prestressed concrete.

Excessive tensile metal cables have been substituted for the bars. These cables have been tensioned by jacks and have been then locked to the concrete.

Thus they compressed the concrete, ridding it of its cracks, enhancing each its look and its resistance to deterioration.

The cables might be designed to counter the deflections of beams and slabs, permitting way more slender buildings to be constructed.

Because the cables have been some 4 occasions stronger than the bars, many fewer have been obligatory, lowering the congestion throughout the beams, making them faster to construct and much less labour intensive.

Most concrete bridges, aside from small or remoted buildings, now use prestressing. It’s also getting used ever extra extensively in buildings the place the very skinny flat slabs it permits afford minimal interference to companies and in some circumstances make it attainable to extend the quantity of flooring inside an outlined envelope.

Regardless of its manifest benefits and widespread use in bridges, exterior a minority of skilled engineers, prestressing will not be nicely understood by the career, and will not be nicely taught in most universities. Engineers need to study as finest they will as they apply.

The Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges e-book has are three principal goals:

  • The first is to assist enhance the standard of the design of prestressed concrete bridges. All through my profession I’ve been amazed by the quantity of grossly uneconomical and typically nearly unbuildable concrete bridge designs produced by consultants.
    I used to be lucky on this lack of competence, because it allowed me to launch my apply by getting ready different designs for contractors bidding for work.

    In some circumstances, these different designs halved the supplies within the bridge decks, produced very substantial financial savings in the fee of labour, lowered the development programme and improved the looks of the completed article.

    A bridge should be appropriate for its website and it should be of acceptable scale, it should be designed to be constructed effectively and with out pointless threat of failure, it should be economical and its look should be given a excessive precedence.
    These attributes depend upon the standard of the conceptual design.

    Design and evaluation are sometimes confused. Design requires engineering data, ability and expertise mixed with creativeness and instinct, whereas evaluation is a extra mechanical course of.
    I have no idea of another books that deal principally with the design of bridges versus their evaluation.

  • The second goal is to elucidate clearly the essential ideas of prestressed concrete. Practising engineers are being pressurised to take duty for buildings when they don’t totally perceive how they work.
    They’ll do that by utilizing software program packages that could be nicely written, however are harmful within the fingers of those that should not accustomed to the underlying ideas.

  • Lastly, by concentrating on the ideas and principles underlying the design of bridges, it’s hoped that this Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges e-book will reinforce practising engineers’ intuitive understanding of the topic.
    Most textbooks on the topics of bolstered and prestressed concrete lose the important simplicity of the ideas in a maze of arithmetic.

    I hope this Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridgesbook will likely be accessible not solely to skilled engineers, but additionally to college students, to architects wishing to take part extra within the design of bridges and to put folks fascinated by how bridges work. 


When working my apply, I used to be regularly approached by youthful engineers asking for steering on some technical matter.

I didn’t imagine that my function was to inform them what to do, or easy methods to remedy an issue. To take action would have restricted the end result to my very own expertise and their creativity would have been sidelined.

Moreover, too usually the short solutions to such questions are lowered to explaining the mathematical process to be adopted to hold out the evaluation, or which software program package deal to make use of.

As an alternative, I tried to elucidate the underlying structural principles, and left them to seek out out for themselves exactly easy methods to full the design or to hold out the evaluation.

This Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges e-book proceeds on the identical precept. Its intention is to not inform the reader what to do, or easy methods to do it, however to elucidate the structural principles underlying any motion that must be taken.

I’ve put ahead my finest understanding of the numerous complicated points concerned in design. My views should not all the time typical, nor do they all the time adjust to accepted knowledge.

Though this understanding has been used for the design of many buildings over an extended profession, it’s essential to train essential judgement when utilizing this Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges e-book.

Particular steering, for example on the spans appropriate for a sure sort of bridge deck or the slenderness of slabs or cantilevers, ought to be thought-about as the start line of design, not the conclusion.

The Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges e-book is meant to be unbiased of any code of apply. Though the British code has been used for some examples, this was solely to offer them a foundation of actuality; they might simply as nicely have been primarily based on another code of apply.

Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges PDF Free Download

Additionally, the textual content is meant to be jargon free; one mustn’t want jargon to elucidate principles. If some has slipped in attributable to its familiarity making it troublesome for me to tell apart it from actual English, it’s unintentional.

The illustrations have been produced to scale, besides the place distortion was obligatory for polemic causes. It’s important for engineers of all levels of expertise to attract and sketch to scale, significantly within the design part of a mission.

A distorted scale modifications one’s appreciation of an issue and regularly results in misguided conclusions which are found later within the design course of, losing time, effort and credibility.

Because the Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges e-book is predicated principally by myself expertise, the buildings used as examples are these for which I used to be accountable when working for Europe Etudes or Arup, or have been designed by the apply that I based in 1980 and ran for 20 years.

It began as a one man band, and progressively expanded to over 100 employees with workplaces in six international locations.
This apply was initially known as Robert Benaim and Associates, or derivations of that identify acceptable to the international locations wherein we had workplaces.

Since my withdrawal from the apply and its buy by the senior managers, it’s at the moment often known as ‘Benaim Group’. All the roles referred to within the textual content that have been carried out by the apply are credited to ‘Benaim’.

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