Book Name: [PDF] The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering by Frank Kreith
Category: Thermodynamics
Language: English
Format: PDF
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Title of the book: The CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering
Authors:Frank Kreith
Publishers:CRC Press
ISBN: 0-8493-9581-X
Pages: 1192
Chapters: 5
Files type: PDF
File size: 8.46 MB

Book Description:

SECTION 1: Engineering Thermodynamics

1.1 Fundamentals

1.2 Control Volume Applications

1.3 Property Relations and Data

1.4 Combustion

1.5 Exergy Analysis

1.6 Vapor and Gas Power Cycles

1.7 Guidelines for Improving Thermodynamic Effectiveness

1.8 Ergoeconomics

1.9 Design Optimization

1.10 Economic Analysis of Thermal Systems

SECTION 2: Fluid Mechanics

2.1 Fluid Statics Stanley A. Berger

2.2 Equations of Motion and Potential

2.3 Similitude: Dimensional Analysis and Data Correlation

2.4 Hydraulics of Pipe Systems

2.5 Open Channel Flow

2.6 External Incompressible Flows

2.7 Compressible Flow

2.8 Multiphase Flow

2.9 Non-Newtonian Flows Thomas

SECTION 3: Heat and Mass Transfer

3.1 Conduction Heat Transfer

3.2 Convection Heat Transfer

3.3 Radiation

3.4 Phase-Change

3.5 Mass Transfer

SECTION 4: Applications

4.1 Water Desalination

4.2 Environmental Heat Transfer

4.3 Heat Exchangers

4.4 Bioheat Transfer

4.5 Thermal Insulation

4.6 Energy Audit for Buildings

4.7 Compressors

4.8 Pumps and Fans

4.9 Cooling Towers

4.10 Heat Transfer in Manufacturing

4.11 Pinch Point Analysis

4.12 Cryogenic Systems

4.13 Air-Conditioning Systems

4.14 Optimization of Thermal Systems

4.15 Heat Transfer Enhancement

4.16 Heat Pipes

4.17 Liquid Atomization and Spraying

4.18 Thermal Processing in Food Preservation Technologies

4.19 Thermal Conduction in Electronic Microstructures

4.20 Cooling in Electronic Applications

4.21 Direct Contact Heat Transfer

4.22 Temperature and Heat Transfer Measurements

4.23 Flow Measurement

4.24 Applications of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms in Thermal Engineering

SECTION 5: Numerical Analysis and Computational Tools

5.1 Computer-Aided Engineering

5.2 Finite Difference Method

5.3 Finite Element Method

5.4 Boundary Element Method

5.5 Software and Databases


A. Properties of Gases and Vapors Paul Norton

B. Properties of Liquids Paul Norton

C. Properties of Solids Paul Norton

D. SI Units and Conversion Factors Paul Norton

CRC Handbook of Thermal Engineering, Second Edition PDF

Author(s): Raj P. Chhabra, Frank Kreith

Series: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Series

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2017

ISBN: 9781498715294





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