Book Name: [PDF] The Chemistry of Explosives, 3rd Edition by Jacqueline Akhavan
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The Chemistry of Explosives, 3rd Edition by Jacqueline Akhavan :: Since the last 12 years of writing the first edition of the Chemistry of Explosives there has been a movement towards safety rather than performance of explosives and this has been reflected in this 3rd edition. The new generation of explosive compositions called Insensitive High Explosives (IHE) have been introduced in Chapter 1 with more detail of their properties in Chapter 2. Another emerging trend in the field of explosives is the effect they have on the environment. This is mainly due to recent legislations and an increase in environmental awareness. Details of the relevant legislations together with the consequences are discussed in Chapter 1. In this 3rd edition the properties for the explosives have been updated using a variety of sources and this has been reflected in the thermochemical calculations. With these main revisions and minor up-dates this 3rd edition should provide the reader with a basic understanding of the chemistry of explosives. This edition is still aimed primarily at A’level students and new graduates who have not previously studied explosive materials, but I hope the more experienced chemist in the explosives industry will also find the book useful. In writing this edition I have taken information from books and journals, and I would like thank those authors whom I have drawn upon in preparing this edition. My last thanks go to my husband Shahriar who has always supported me.

The Chemistry of Explosives, 3rd Edition by Jacqueline Akhavan

Title: The Chemistry of Explosives
Editor: Jacqueline Akhavan
Edition: third
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Length: 224 pages
Size: 3.61 MB
Language: English


The Chemistry of Explosives

Author(s): Jacqueline Akhavan

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, Year: 2011

ISBN: 8601422256147



[PDF] The Chemistry of Explosives, 3rd Edition by Jacqueline Akhavan Table Of Contents

ch. 1. Introduction to explosives —
ch. 2. Classification of explosive materials —
ch. 3. Combustion, deflagration and detonation —
ch. 4. Ignition, initiation and thermal decomposition —
ch. 5. Thermochemistry of explosives —
ch. 6. Equilibria and kinetics of explosive reactions —
ch 7. Manufacture of explosives —
ch. 8. Introduction to propellants and pyrotechnics.



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