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The Sun: Images from Space book pdf free downloadThe Sun: Images from Space By Beth Alesse

The Sun: Images from Space has extraordinary images of beauty with over 130 incredible details of our Sun is taken from space. These images come from Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) Mission instruments in conjunction with other various instruments such as those on the Mars Rover. Our Sun, a yellow dwarf star, is the main source of energy for life on Earth. Life grows and thrives because of it. The sun is at the middle of our solar system. Yet until recently, we have not been able to see much of it or even observe its basic characteristics because of its blinding electromagnetic energy. Taken from space, these images were assembled using data collected by NASA and their partners showing our Sun as has not been revealed to us here on Earth, 93 million miles away. See the coronal mass ejections, electric currents, magnetic fields, solar wind, photosphere the chromosphere, the corona, and the hot plasma soup.

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