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The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits

The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits by ROLAND E. THOMAS

Book Description:

The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits, 8th Edition provides an introduction to the analysis, design, and evaluation of electric circuits, focusing on developing the learners design intuition. The text emphasizes the use of computers to assist in design and evaluation. Early introduction to circuit design motivates the student to create circuit solutions and optimize designs based on real-world constraints. This text is an unbound, three hole punched version.

Primary Contents of The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits

1   Introduction

  • About This E book
  • Symbols and Models
  • Circuit Variables
  • Computational Software program Introduction

2   Primary Circuit Analysis

  • Component Constraints
  • Connection Constraints
  • Mixed Constraints
  • Equal Circuits
  • Voltage and Present Division
  • Circuit Discount

3   Circuit Analysis Methods

  • Most Sign Switch
  • Interface Circuit Design
  • Linearity Properties

4   Lively Circuit

  • Linear Dependent Sources
  • Analysis of Circuits with Dependent Sources
  • The Operational Amplifier
  • OP AMP Circuit Analysis
  • OP AMP Circuit Functions

5   Sign Waveforms

  • The Step Waveform
  • The Exponential Waveform
  • The Sinusoidal Waveform
  • Waveform Partial Descriptors

6   Capacitance and Inductance

  • The Capacitor
  • The Inductor
  • Equal Capacitance and Inductance

7   First and Second-Order Circuit

  • Preliminary and Remaining Situations
  • Second-Order Circuit Step Response
  • The Parallel RLC Circuit

8   Sinusoidal Regular-State Response

  • Sinusoids and Phasors
  • Phasor Circuit Analysis
  • Primary Phasor Circuit Analysis and Design
  • Basic Circuit Analysis with Phasors
  • Power and Energy

9   Laplace Transforms

  • Sign Waveforms and Transforms
  • Primary Properties and Pairs
  • Inverse Laplace Transforms
  • Preliminary and Remaining Worth Properties

1 0  S Area Circuit Analysiss

  • Reworked Circuits
  • Primary Circuit Analysis within the s Area
  • Circuit Theorems within the s Area
  • Mesh-Present Analysis within the s Area
  • Node-Voltage Analysis within the s Area

Preface to The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits

We strategy the artwork of educating circuits in our textbook in a different way than most others.

We acknowledge that finding out circuits might be rewarding and helpful, even for college students who are usually not majoring in electrical or laptop engineering.

Electrical circuits dominate a lot of our modem expertise that many college students are curious about studying about them.

Most college students who pursue engineering research need to be artistic and design issues.

Most circuits texts don’t give attention to this primary want, quite spend their pages educating why electrical circuits work with out affording the scholar a chance to place this studying into observe.

The longer it takes college students to strive their hand in designing stuff, the extra seemingly it’s that they are going to develop into disillusioned and maybe change to a unique main.

The authors have lengthy believed that an early introduction to design and design analysis raises the joy stage and drastically will increase pupil curiosity of their chosen self-discipline.

Over 50 years of mixed educating expertise on the USAF Academy, the College of Denver, the College of Colorado at Denver, and the Air Power Institute of Expertise, have solely served to strengthen our perception.

This new version furthers this technique by including extra design and analysis examples, workouts, homework issues, and real-world purposes.

As well as, college students at this time remedy issues utilizing computer systems, in addition to, by hand and with a calculator.

Entry to non-public computer systems is sort of ubiquitous, and key software program utilized in circuit evaluation and design has develop into accessible without cost or at very deep reductions for college students.

This version of our textual content consists of many software program examples, workouts, and discussions geared to creating the research of circuits extra in keeping with at this time’s pupil.

Our textual content has all the time included software program, however usually as an extension for fixing circuits by hand.

This version continues our effort begun with the sixth version by integrating software program intimately into the answer of circuit issues at any time when and wherever it actually helps to resolve the issues.

It nonetheless acknowledges that utilizing computer systems doesn’t change the instinct that engineers should develop to research, design, and make good judgments about completely different working options or designs.

The seventh version of The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits improves on the sixth version and stays pleasant to customers preferring a Laplace Early strategy or these favoring the extra conventional Phasor First strategy to ac circuits.

A later part discusses the way to use this textual content to pursue both a conventional Phaser First strategy or the Laplace Early strategy utilizing three completely different focuses.

On this version we now have added many skills-level examples, workouts, and issues that may assist develop the scholar’s confidence in mastering the completely different aims.

The seventh version assumes the identical pupil conditions as previous editions and continues to depend on college students getting access to private computer systems—though laptop entry isn’t important for utilizing this textbook, we imagine it improves studying.

This version targets college students of all engineering disciplines who want an introductory circuit evaluation course of one or two phrases.

The seventh version continues the authors’ mixed dedication to offering a modem and progressive strategy to educating circuit evaluation and design, in addition to circuit analysis.

The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits PDF

Author(s): Roland E. Thomas, Albert J. Rosa, Gregory J. Toussaint

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2016

ISBN: 1119235383,9781119235385

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