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Steel Designers’ Manual: The Steel Construction Institute, Sixth Edition

Steel Designers' Manual: The Steel Construction Institute, Sixth Edition Free PDF Book

Book Description:

This classic manual on structural steel design provides a major source of reference for structural engineers and fabricators working with the leading construction material. Based fully on the concepts of limit state design, the manual has been revised to take account of the 2000 revisions to BS 5950. It also looks at new developments in structural steel, environmental issues and outlines the main requirements of the Eurocode on structural steel.

Book Contents:

Chapter 1 Single?Storey Buildings (pages 1–41): Graham Raven and Alan Pottage
Chapter 2 Multi?Storey Buildings (pages 42–93): Alan Hart and Philip Peacock
Chapter 3 Industrial Steelwork (pages 94–123): John Roberts
Chapter 4 Bridges (pages 124–168): Alan Hayward
Chapter 5 Other Structural Applications of Steel (pages 169–221): Ian Duncan, Michael Green, Eric Hindhaugh, Ian Liddell, Gerard Parke, John Tyrrell and Matthew Lovell
Chapter 6 Applied Metallurgy of Steel (pages 222–247): Michael Burdekin
Chapter 7 Fracture and Fatigue (pages 248–274): John Yates
Chapter 8 Sustainability and Steel Construction (pages 275–285): Graham Raven
Chapter 9 Introduction to Manual and Computer Analysis (pages 286–324): Rangachari Narayanan
Chapter 10 Beam Analysis (pages 325–341): John Righiniotis
Chapter 11 Plane Frame Analysis (pages 342–353): John Righiniotis
Chapter 12 Applicable Dynamics (pages 354–372): Michael Willford
Chapter 13 Local Buckling and Cross?Section Classification (pages 373–382): David Nethercot
Chapter 14 Tension Members (pages 383–401): John Righiniotis
Chapter 15 Columns and Struts (pages 402–430): David Nethercot
Chapter 16 Beams (pages 431–469): David Nethercot
Chapter 17 Plate Girders (pages 470–510): Terence M. Roberts and Rangachari Narayanan
Chapter 18 Members with Compression and Moments (pages 511–540): David Nethercot
Chapter 19 Trusses (pages 541–576): Paul Tasou
Chapter 20 Composite Deck Slabs (pages 577–600): Mark Lawson and Peter Wickens
Chapter 21 Composite Beams (pages 601–650): Mark Lawson and Peter Wickens
Chapter 22 Composite Columns (pages 651–670): Mark Lawson and Peter Wickens
Chapter 23 Bolts (pages 671–684): Hubert Barber
Chapter 24 Welds and Design for Welding (pages 685–710): Ralph B. G. Yeo and Hubert Barber
Chapter 25 Plate and Stiffener Elements in Connections (pages 711–720): Brian Cheal
Chapter 26 Design of Connections (pages 721–815): David Moore
Chapter 27 Foundations and Holding?Down Systems (pages 816–841): Hubert Barber
Chapter 28 Bearings and Joints (pages 842–866): Stephen Matthews
Chapter 29 Steel Piles (pages 867–905): Tony Biddle and Ed Yandzio
Chapter 30 Floors and Orthotropic Decks (pages 906–916): Dick Stainsby
Chapter 31 Tolerances (pages 917–947): Colin Taylor
Chapter 32 Fabrication (pages 948–970): David Dibb?Fuller
Chapter 33 Erection (pages 971–1012): Alan Rogan
Chapter 34 Fire Protection and Fire Engineering (pages 1013–1029): Jef Robinson
Chapter 35 Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention (pages 1030–1052): Roger Hudson and Ken Johnson
Chapter 36 The Eurocodes (pages 1053–1068): Colin Taylor and Mike Banfi


Steel Designers’ Manual: The Steel Construction Institute PDF

Publisher: The Steel Construction Institute, Year: 2003

ISBN: 9781405134125