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Book Description:

Fully revised and updated, this eighth edition is an invaluable tool for all practicing structural, civil, and mechanical engineers as well as engineering students. Responding to changes in design and processing standards—including fabrication, welding, and coatings—this resource introduces the main concepts of designing steel structures; describes the limit states method of design; demonstrates the methods of calculating the design capacities of structural elements and connections; and illustrates the calculations by means of worked examples. Design aids and extensive references to external sources are also included.

Steel Designers’ Handbook PDF

Author(s): Branko E. Gorenc, Ron Tinyou, Arun A Syam

Publisher: University of New South Wales Press, Year: 2013

ISBN: 1742233414

477 Pages

Steel Designers’ Handbook by Branko E. Gorenc & Ron Tinyou & Arun A Syam PDF