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Social Harmony Book Pdf Free DownloadSocial Harmony By Narendra Modi

Social Harmony is self help book by Narendra Modi, published in 2012.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi went through different stages of life, but his thoughts and actions have always been consistent. The strong flow of feelings towards society and social harmony has been flowing continuously in his heart. He has a unique vision and approach towards society. His radical thought extends to his social dealings too and his focus is always on the happiness of the common man. Narendra Bhai has always worked untiringly for equality, love and harmony. His persona signifies consistency in thoughts, beliefs and lifestyle. He is intensely focused on finding measures to eradicate sorrows from the lives of the deprived and persecuted. The concept of a welfare state which gives the highest priority to the well-being and happiness of its people has long been advocated by our Indian culture. The true measure of the progress of any state is the extent of progress achieved by the underprivileged. True development is that which brings the fruits of happiness even to the last person in the remotest backward area. This book is a compilation of the articles written by Shri Narendra Modi which shows his love for the under-privileged, his endeavour to share in their joys and sorrows, the excellence of his thought processes and his sensitivity towards the society.

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