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Electric Power Systems Fifth Version by B.M. Weedy

We had been delighted to be requested to revise this traditional textbook. From the sooner editions we had gained a lot, each as undergraduate college students and all through our careers. Each Dr Weedy and Dr Cory can solely be described as giants of energy system training and the breadth of their imaginative and prescient and readability of thought is clear all through the textual content. Studying it fastidiously, for the needs of revision, was a most rewarding expertise and even after a few years finding out and instructing energy techniques we discovered new insights on virtually each web page.We have now tried to remain true to the type and construction of the e book whereas including up-to-date materials and together with examples of laptop primarily based simulation. We had been aware that this e book is meant to assist a third or 4th yr undergraduate course and it’s too straightforward when revising a e book to proceed so as to add materials and so obscure slightly than illuminate the basic rules. This we have now tried to not do. Chapter 1 has been introduced updated as many international locations de-carbonise their energy sector.

Chapter 6 (load circulation) has been considerably rewritten and voltage supply converter HVDC added to Chapter 9. Chapter 10 has been revised to incorporate trendy switchgear and safety whereas recognising that the younger engineer is prone to encounter a lot gear which may be 30–40 years previous. Chapter 12 has been comprehensively revised and now incorporates materials appropriate for instructing the basics of the economics of operation and improvement of energy techniques. All chapters have been fastidiously revised and the place we thought of it could help readability the fabric rearranged.

We have now paid explicit consideration to the Examples and Issues and have created Options to the Issues that may be discovered on the Wiley web site. We’re notably indebted to Dave Thompson who created all of the illustrations for this version, Lewis Dale for his help with Chapter 12, and to IPSA Power for generously permitting us a license for his or her energy system evaluation software program. Additionally we wish to thank: Chandima Ekanayake, Prabath Binduhewa, Predrag Djapic and Jelena Rebic for his or her help with the Options to the Issues.

Bethany Corcoran offered the information for Determine 1.1 whereas Alstom Grid, by way of Rose King, kindly made obtainable info for a number of the drawings of Chapter 11. Though, after all, accountability for errors and omissions lies with us, we hope we have now stayed true to the spirit of this vital textbook. For instructors and academics, options to the issues set out within the e book could be discovered on the companion web site www.wiley.com/go/weedy_electric.  Lastly, it has been an honour to be requested to replace such a widely known e book and I hope that it nonetheless retains a lot of the sensible flavour pioneered by Dr Weedy.

I’m notably indebted to my colleagues, Dr Donald Macdonald (for a lot assist with a rewrite of the fabric about electrical turbines) and Dr Alun Coonick for his prompting relating to the inclusion of recent ideas. My thanks additionally go to the assorted reviewers of the earlier editions for his or her useful options and feedback which I’ve tried to incorporate on this new version. Any errors and omissions are completely my accountability and I look ahead to receiving suggestions from college students and lecturers alike.

Electric Power Systems PDF

Author(s): Ekanayake, J. B.; Cory, B. J.; Weedy, B. M.; Strbac, G.; Jenkins, N

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2013

ISBN: 9780471976776

The definitive textbook for Power Systems students, providing a grounding in essential power system theory while also focusing on practical power engineering applications.

Electric Power Systems has been an essential book in power systems engineering for over thirty years. Bringing the content firmly up-to-date whilst still retaining the flavour of Weedy’s extremely popular original, this Fifth Edition has been revised by experts Nick Jenkins, Janaka Ekanayake and Goran Strbac. This wide-ranging text still covers all of the fundamental power systems subjects but is now expanded to cover increasingly important topics like climate change and renewable power generation. Updated material includes an analysis of today’s markets and an examination of the current economic state of power generation. The physical limits of power systems equipment – currently being tested by the huge demand for power – is explored, and greater attention is paid to power electronics, voltage source and power system components, amongst a host of other updates and revisions.

– Supplies an updated chapter on power system economics and management issues and extended coverage of power system components. Also expanded information on power electronics and voltage source, including VSC HVDC and FACTS.
– Updated to take into account the challenges posed by different world markets, and pays greater attention to up-to-date renewable power generation methods such as wind power.
– Includes modernized presentation and greater use of examples to appeal to today’s students, also retains the end of chapter questions to assist with the learning process. Also shows students how to apply calculation techniques.

Download Electric Power Systems Fifth Version by B.M. Weedy, B.J. Cory, N. Jenkins, J.B. Ekanayake and G. Strbac PDF