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Principles of Thermodynamics PDF Book

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Book Description:

This text presents the conceptual and technical developments of the subject without unduly compromising on either the historical or logical perspective. It also covers the tremendous range of scientifically deep and technologically revolutionary applications of thermodynamics. The text explains how thermodynamics evolved from a few basic laws that were amazingly successful and with tremendous range, without even knowing about the atomic structure of matter or the laws governing the behavior of atoms.


Provides detailed coverage of basic topics
Includes historical background
Broadens the scope of thermodynamics for teaching purposes
Supplies a reference for experts

Table of Contents

The Beginnings
Temperature and Thermometry
Ideal Gas Laws
Heat and Specific Heats
Sadi Carnot and the Motive Power of Heat
Steam Engines and the Clapeyron Equation

First Law—The E = Mc2 of Thermodynamics
The Fall of the Caloric
The Path to the First Law
The First Law of Thermodynamics
Some Applications of the First Law
Suggested Reading for This Book in General

The Second and Third Laws
Perpetuum Mobiles
The Entropy Axiom: The First Part of the Second Law
Entropy Axiom and Universality of Carnot Cycles
Historical Formulations of the Second Law
Second Law and Irreversibility
An Absolute Scale of Temperature
Applications of the First and Second Laws
Third Law of Thermodynamics – the Nemst-Planck Postulate

Carnot Cycles – The Turing Machines of Thermodynamics
The Gas Carnot Cycles
The Steam Carnot Cycle
The Stirling Engine
The Otto Cycle
The Brayton Cycle
Carnot Cycle with Photons

Specific Heats Magnificent Bridges
A Brief History
Varieties of Specific Heats
Specific Heats and the Third Law
Specific Heats and Microscopics
Specific Heats Herald Quantum Theory!

Structure of Thermodynamic Theories
Extensive and Intensive Variables: General
The Fundamental Equations
True Equations of State
Multicomponent Systems
Entropy of Mixing and the Gibbs Paradox
Worked-Out Examples
Axiomatic Intensive Variables and Equilibrium

Thermodynamic Potentials and Maxwell Relations
Thermodynamic Potentials
Maxwell’s Relations

Magnetic Systems
Thermodynamic Potentials

Dilute Solutions
General Considerations
Mixing Revisited
Osmotic Pressure
Vapor Pressure and Boiling Point Point of Solutions
Freezing Point of Dilute Solutions
Salt Water Phase Diagram

Phases and Their Equilibria
The Gibbs Phase Rule
Phases of Water
Phases of Carbon
Helium-3 Phase Diagram
Helium-4 Phase Diagram
QCD Phase Diagram
Superconducting Phase Transitions
High-Tc Superconductor Phase Diagram

The Clapeyron Equation
Clapeyron’s Original Treatment
More Modern Approaches
Freezing Curves
The Clausius-Clapeyron Approximation
Temperature Dependence of Latent Heats
Boiling Points of Dilute Solutions
Breakdown of the Clapeyron Equation
Magnetic Clapeyron Equation

The van der Waals Equation
Thermodynamic Aspects
Existence of Phases in the vdW System
Negative Pressures in vdW Systems
Surface Tension
Thermodynamics of Inhomogeneous Substances
Revisiting the Bubble Pressure

The Critical Point
Critical Properties of Water:data
Critical Behaviour of van der Waals Theory

Approach to Absolute Zero
Standard Methods of Refrigeration
Helium Cryostats
Dilution Refrigeration
Magnetic Cooling
Pomeranchuk Cooling

Entropy Constants
Gaseous Reactions
Entropy Constants for Solids
Two Experimental Verifications of the Sackur-Tetrode Formula
The Entropy Constants for Diatomic Gases

Some Mathematical Aspects of Thermodynamics
Differentials and Derivatives
Jacobian Matrices and Jacobians
Differential Forms in Thermodynamics

The Principles of Thermodynamics PDF

Author(s): N.D. Hari Dass

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2013

ISBN: 1466512083,9781466512085