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Practical React Native Construct Two Full Tasks and One Full Recreation utilizing React Native by Frank Zammetti | PDF Free Download.

Ebook Particulars :
Language English
Pages 342
Format PDF
Measurement 5.05 MB

Practical React Native by Frank Zammetti

Introduction to Practical React Native PDF

Creating cellular apps that look, really feel, and performance like native apps and are additionally crossplatform is a tough proposition, even in any case these years of builders working to realize this.

You’ll be able to write native code for every platform and do your finest to make them as related as attainable, and that’s definitely a great way to get native efficiency and capabilities into your app, however primarily, which means writing your app a number of instances.

As a substitute, you may take the HTML route and have a single code base that works all over the place, however you’ll usually be ignored within the chilly, by way of native machine capabilities, to not point out efficiency often being subpar.

Because of the proficient engineers at Fb, we now have another choice: React Native. This platform builds on the highly effective and fashionable React library, additionally courtesy of Fb,

And supplies a method so that you can write a single code base (roughly) that works on Android and iOS equally effectively, whereas offering native efficiency and native capabilities.

On this e book, you’ll study React Native, by constructing actual apps, not simply easy, contrived examples (though there are a number of of these early on, as ideas are launched).

As you undergo the initiatives, you’ll see how you can use varied capabilities of React Native, together with the person interface and utility programming interfaces (APIs) it supplies.

By the top, you’ll have a superb deal with on what React Native presents, and also you’ll be in a superb place to go off and create the Subsequent Huge Factor app.

I extremely suggest grabbing the supply code obtain bundle from the Apress site for this e book (or on GitHub—Apress maintains a repo there as effectively) and digging into it, constructing it, and taking part in with it, as you learn by way of the e book.

This isn’t the olden days of computer systems (like after I was rising up!), whenever you needed to sort in all of the code from {a magazine} (sure, I actually did that!).

Now, it’s all there, able to be compiled and run, so you may spend your time studying, reasonably than typing. I hope you get pleasure from this e book and study an awesome deal from it.

That’s positively my intention! So, seize a snack, pull up a comfortable chair, have your laptop computer on the prepared, and get on in. Journey awaits! (And, sure, I understand full effectively how corny that sounds.)

Book Description:

Discover how to use React Native in the real world, from scratch. This book shows you what React Native has to offer, where it came from, and where it’s going.
You’ll begin with a solid foundation of practical knowledge, and then build on it immediately by constructing three different apps. You’ll learn how to use each feature of React Native by working on two full projects and one full game. These aren’t just simple React Native Hello World examples (although you’ll naturally start there!) but are apps that you can, if you so choose, install on your mobile devices and use for real.
Throughout this book, you’ll gain real-world familiarity with React Native as well as supporting components from Expo, NativeBase, React Navigation and the Redux and Lodash libraries. You’ll also build server-side code for a mobile React Native app to talk to using the popular Node.js and Socket.io library, providing you a holistic view of things even beyond React Native. And, you’ll see many helpful tips, tricks and gotchas to watch out for along the way!
Practical React Native offers practical exercises that will give you a solid grasp of building apps with React Native, allowing you to springboard into creating more advanced apps on your own.Creating a game with React Native will allow you to see a whole other perspective on what React Native can do.

What You’ll Learn
• Master the basics of React Native
• Create a logically structured project
• Review interface elements, such as widgets, controls, and extensions
• Build layouts
• Work with Expo, an open source toolchain

Who This book Is For
The primary audience is mobile developers and anyone looking to build for multiple mobile platforms and trying to do so with a codebase that is largely the same across all. Readers will need a decent foundation, but not necessarily be experts in, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but I’ll assume little beyond that.

Practical React Native: Build Two Full Projects and One Full Game using React Native

Author(s): Frank Zammetti

Publisher: Apress, Year: 2018

ISBN: 1484239385