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Practical MATLAB With Modeling Simulation and Processing Projects

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Language English
Pages 305
Format PDF
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Practical MATLAB With Modeling Simulation and Processing Projects

Practical MATLAB With Modeling, Simulation, and Processing Projects by Irfan Turk | PDF Free Download.

Author of Practical MATLAB With Modeling and Processing Projects

Irfan Turk, Ph.D. is a math and computer programming instructor and has been working in universities, high schools, and educational institutions for nearly 15 years.

He concentrated on applied mathematics for his Ph.D. Dr. Turk finished the computer science track requirements of his master’s degree when he was a student at the University of Texas at Arlington.

He is the author of Python Programming: For Engineers and Scientists and MATLAB Programming: For Beginners and Professionals.

Dr. Turk’s research interests include but are not limited to numerical solutions of differential equations, scientific computing, mathematical modeling, and programming in MATLAB and Python.

Practical MATLAB Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to MATLAB 
  • Chapter 2: Fundamentals of MATLAB
  • Chapter 3: Economic Modeling
  • Chapter 4: Numerical Methods
  • Chapter 5: Applications in Simulation
  • Chapter 6: Basic Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Chapter 7: Data Visualization and Animation
  • Chapter 8: Computational Biology
  • Chapter 9: Signal Processing
  • Chapter 10: Image Processing 
  • Chapter 11: Introduction to Sound Processing
  • Chapter 12: Applications with Graphical User Interfaces

Introduction to Practical MATLAB With Modeling and Processing Projects

This book emerged as a result of programming lecture notes, experiences gathered from different computational algorithms and reading about mathematical models of real-life problems.

The purposes of this book are to introduce and teach MATLAB as a programming language and apply the programming concepts to computational models in finance, numerical methods, simulation of randomness, analyzing data with basic statistics, visualization and animation, computational biology, signal processing, image processing, and sound processing.

Apart from these illustrations, the book teaches how to create applications with graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

The intended audiences of this project are people who want to learn MATLAB as a programming language, users of MATLAB who want to excel in problem-solving, and advanced users of the language looking to prepare applications with GUIs.

The book has two parts. In the first part, the general concepts of the language such as variables, data types, and common built-in functions are explained. Besides these topics, fundamentals of the language such as algorithms, m files, selection structures, loops, and user-defined functions are presented.

In the second part of the book, I illustrate solving problems from different areas. In the examples, the algorithmic approach is explained when necessary.

Every new item, whether it is a function or a command, is explained so that the reader can understand the subjects and does not miss anything new.

This product can be used as a textbook, or as supplemental material for undergraduate or low-level one-semester graduate courses in colleges or universities.

These courses might include but are not limited to computer programming with MATLAB, science, and engineering problem solving with MATLAB, scientific computing, and mathematical modeling with MATLAB. The first part of the book should be taught in such courses.

The chapters do not depend on each other in the second part of the book. Therefore, topics from the second part can be selected freely depending on the needs of the class.

Prior to learning the content of this book, knowledge of mathematics at the precalculus level helps to understand the modeling concepts, so this is recommended as a prerequisite to taking this course.

Although a background in any programming language might help to grasp the algorithms used in the examples, it is not a prerequisite.

The book is also a practical resource and textbook for individual learners. It provides 152 illustrative and instructive examples including the solutions along with the codes

Download Practical MATLAB With Modeling Simulation and Processing Projects PDF Free.