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[PDF] Mind Maps at Work by Tony Buzan

mind maps at work tony buzan pdf tony buzan mind maps at work

E-book Particulars :
Language English
Pages 141
Format PDF
Measurement 6.70 MB

Mind Maps at Work by Tony Buzan

Mind maps at work Tips on how to Be the Greatest at Your Job and Nonetheless Have Time to Play by Tony Buzan | PDF Free Download.

Mind maps at work Contents

  1. Unleash your infinite creativity
  2. The recent strategy to problem-solving
  3. Good planning for limitless progress
  4. Using the powers of evolution
  5. Main your crew to success
  6. Beat the bullies
  7. Presentation energy
  8. Work-life steadiness options

Mind maps at work: how to be the best at your job and still have time to play PDF

Author(s): Tony Buzan

Publisher: Thorsons, Year: 2004

ISBN: 9780007155002,000715500X

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