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Maharana Pratap Book Pdf Free DownloadMaharana Pratap By Dr. Bhawan Singh Rana

Maharana Pratap is biography of greatest warrior ever Maharana Pratap by Dr. Bhawan Singh Rana.

Maharana Pratap has become a subject of respect and pride for the Indians as he has become a symbol pf patriotism, sacrifice and struggle, On remembering his name, the picture of an incomparable warrior with the face aglow with bravery comes into our mind.

The war he waged for independence in extremely adverse circumstances will be ever remembered.

Despite being the king of mewar, most of his life was spent in forests and mountains, with his supreme willpower and incomparable warfare skills he was able to free mewar at the end.

Sacrificing material happiness and gains, his unrelenting struggle for the freedom of his motherland is etched as a golden chapter in die annals of history. Personalities like him are models of inspiration for the whole country and all generations to come. As in today’s reckoning when national consciousness seems to be diminishing, Maharana Pratap’s character is all the more relevant.

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