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Laser Fundamentals by William T Silfvast

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In this book there are 6 sections. The discussed topics are:
Section 1: Fundamentals of wave properties of light
Section 2: Fundamental of quantum properties of light
Section 3: Laser amplifiers
Section 4: Laser resonators
Section 5: Specific laser system
Section 6: Frequency multiplication of laser beams
I think that if you want to gain knowledge about laser, then you can collect this book and enrich your knowledge. Also if you are studying about laser then I think that this book will help you. So if you are interested, you can download this book and enrich your collection:
Simple explanations lead the reader logically from the basics of laser action to advanced topics in laser physics and engineering in this comprehensive introduction to the physical and engineering principles of laser operation and design. Direct explanations, examples, and many homework problems make this book invaluable to undergraduate and first-year graduate students taking courses on lasers. Summaries of key types of lasers, use of unique theoretical descriptions, and an extensive bibliography also recommend this volume to researchers. First Edition Hb (1996): 0-521-55424-1 First Edition Pb (1996): 0-521-55617-1
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Laser Fundamentals by William T Silfvast PDF free download

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Laser fundamentals PDF

Author(s): William T. Silfvast

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Year: 2004

ISBN: 0521833450,9780521833455,9780521541053