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Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals

Author(s)  : John B.Heywood
Writer  : McGraw Hill
Pages         : 481
PDF dimension   : 42.2 MB

Book Description:

This textual content, by a number one authority within the subject, presents a basic and factual growth of the science and engineering underlying the design of combustion engines and generators. An in depth illustration program helps the ideas and theories mentioned.

Book Contents:

Generally Used Symbols, Subscripts, and Abbreviations
Chapter 1: Engine Sorts and Their Operation
Chapter 2: Engine Design and Working Parameters
Chapter 3: Thermochemistry of Gas-Air Mixtures
Chapter 4: Properties of Working Fluids
Chapter 5: Ideally suited Fashions of Engine Cycles
Chapter 6: Fuel Alternate Processes
Chapter 7: SI Engine Gas Metering and Manifold Phenomena
Chapter 8: Cost Movement inside the Cylinder
Chapter 9: Combustion in Spark-Ignition Engines
Chapter 10: Combustion in Compression-Ignition Engines
Chapter 11: Pollutant Formation and Management
Chapter 12: Engine Warmth Switch
Chapter 13: Engine Friction and Lubrication
Chapter 14: Modeling Actual Engine Stream and Combustion Processes
Chapter 15: Engine Working Traits

Internal combustion engine fundamentals PDF

Author(s): John B Heywood

Series: McGraw-Hill series in mechanical engineering

Publisher: McGraw-Hill , Year: 1988

ISBN: 007028637X,9780070286375,0071004998,9780071004992