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Industrial Engineering and Management By OP Khanna

industrial engineering and management by op khanna

Industrial Engineering and Management 17th Edition is a comprehensive book for undergraduates of Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Engineering streams. It covers all the theory behind Industrial management, Plant Layout, Production Planning and Control, Work and Motion Study, Personnel Management and the financial aspects of industries. The book is indispensable to students taking up the GATE exam as well as regular practitioners.

About O. P. Khanna

O. P. Khanna is a consultant engineer on the directorial board of several companies. He has authored several reputed books such as Production Technology (in 2 volumes), Welding Technology, Work Study, Motion and Time Study and Foundry Technology.

O. P. Khanna graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. His interests lie in the areas of Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Corporate Reporting, Six Sigma Management, Micro and Nano-Technology.

Book Contents:

1. Industrial Engineering and Management
2. Production and Productivity
3. Organisation
4. Plant Location, Layout and Line Balancing
5. Product Design, Planning and Development
6. Process Planning and Group Technology
7. Production, Planning and Control
8. Inspection and Quality Control
9. Work Study
10. Network Analysis
11. Operations Research
12. Systems Concept & Value Analysis
13. Plant Maintenance
14. Replacement Analysis
15. Management Concept
16. Industrial Ownership
17. Supervisory and Leadership
18. Decision Making
19. Industrial Psychology
20. Personnel Management
21. Union and Industrial (Labour) Relations
22. Industrial (Labour) Legislation
23. Materials, Purchase and Stores Management
24. Inventory Control and Management
25. Material Handling
26. Financial Management
27. Cost Accounting and Control
28. Budget and Budgetary Control
29. Job Evaluation and Merit Rating
30. Wage Payment Plans
31. Sales and Marketing Management
32. Small Scale Industries and Entrepreneurship
33. Environmental Pollution
34. Management by Objectives
35. Engineering Economics
36. Computers
37. Business and Environment
38. Professional and Business Ethics
39. Management Information Systems.


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