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HVAC Water Chillers and Cooling Towers by Stanford

HVAC Water Chillers and Cooling Towers Fundamentals, Utility, and Operation by Herbert W. Stanford PDF Free Download

HVAC Water Contents

Half 1 Fundamentals

  • Refrigeration Machines
  • Chiller Configurations

Half II Design and Utility

  • Chilled Water System Components
  • Chiller Controls
  • Thermal Storage
  • Particular Chiller Concerns

Half III Operation and Upkeep

  • Chiller Operation and Upkeep 
  • Shopping for a Chiller
  • Half IV Fundamentals
  • Cooling Tower Fundamentals 
  • Cooling Tower Elements

Half V Design and Utility

  • Tower Configuration and Utility 
  • Cooling Tower Controls 
  • Condenser Water Therapy 
  • Particular Tower Concerns 

Half VI Operation and Upkeep

  • Cooling Tower Operation and Upkeep
  • Shopping for a Cooling Tower
  • In-Situ Tower Efficiency Testing

Preface to HVAC Water Chillers and Cooling Towers

There are two basic varieties of HVAC techniques designed to fulfill constructing cooling necessities: direct growth (DX) techniques, in which there’s direct warmth alternate between the constructing air and the refrigerant, and secondary refrigerant techniques that make the most of chilled water as an intermediate warmth alternate medium to switch warmth from the constructing air to the refrigerant.

Chilled water techniques are the guts of central HVAC cooling, offering cooling all through a constructing or group of buildings from one supply.

Centralized cooling gives quite a few working, reliability, and effectivity benefits over particular person DX techniques and, on a life-cycle foundation, can have a considerably decrease complete value. Each central HVAC cooling system is made up of a number of refrigeration machines, or water chillers, designed to gather extra warmth from buildings and reject that warmth to the outside air.

The water chiller might use the vapor compression refrigeration cycle or the absorption refrigeration cycle.

Vapor compression refrigeration compressors could also be of the reciprocating, helical screw, or centrifugal sort with electrical or gas-fired engine prime movers. The warmth collected by the water chiller should be rejected to the ambiance.

This waste warmth could be rejected by air-cooling, in a course of that transfers warmth immediately from the refrigerant to the ambient air, or by water-cooling, a course of that makes use of water to gather the warmth from the refrigerant and then to reject that warmth to the ambiance.

Water-cooled techniques supply benefits over air-cooled techniques, together with smaller bodily measurement, longer life, and greater working effectivity. The success of their operation relies upon, nevertheless, on the correct sizing, choice, utility, operation, and upkeep of the cooling tower.

Thus, the objective of this e book is to offer the HVAC designer, the constructing proprietor, and his working and upkeep workers, the architect, and the mechanical contractor with definitive and sensible data and steerage relative to the appliance, design, buy, operation, and upkeep of water chillers and cooling towers.

The primary half of the e book discusses water chillers and the second half addresses cooling towers. Every of those two matters is handled in separate sections, every of which is split into three fundamental elements: Fundamentals (Half I) presents the essential details about techniques and gear.

How they work and their varied parts are described and mentioned. In Design and Utility (Half II), gear sizing, choice, and utility are mentioned. As well as, the small print of piping, management, and water remedy are introduced.

Lastly, particular concerns comparable to noise management, electrical service, hearth safety, and vitality effectivity are examined. Lastly, Operations and Upkeep (Half III) takes water chillers and cooling towers from commissioning by routine upkeep.

Chapters on buying gear embrace pointers and beneficial specs for procurement.

This isn’t an instructional textbook, however a e book designed to be helpful on a day-to-day foundation and present solutions about water chiller and cooling tower use, utility, and issues. Intensive checklists, design and troubleshooting pointers, and reference knowledge are offered.

HVAC Water Chillers and Cooling Towers : Fundamentals, Application, and Operation PDF

Author(s): Herbert W. Stanford III

Series: Mechanical Engineering

Publisher: CRC Press

Year: 2016

ISBN: 9781439862117

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