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HVAC Engineers Handbook Eleventh Edition by F. Porges

Book Description:

In the almost sixty years since the publication of the first edition of HVAC Engineer’s Handbook, it has become widely known as a highly useful and definitive reference for HVAC engineers and technicians alike, and those working on domestic hot and cold water services, gas supply and steam services. The 11th edition continues in the tradition of previous editions, being easily transportable and therefore an integral part of the HVAC engineer or technician’s daily tools. Newly updated data on natural ventilation, ventilation rates, free cooling and night-time cooling, make the 11th edition of the HVAC Engineer’s Handbook a vital source of information. Fred Porges has worked in both the manufacturing and process industries, and became a partner in a building services consultancy in 1962. He has held senior positions with design contractors, and his experience covers every building service and type of building from schools to housing, factories to laboratories. * Provides comprehensive data in compact form for ease of use * Keep up to date with a full comparative summary of all air conditioning techniques * Provides you with must-have information for dealing with HVAC


This e-book accommodates in a available kind the information, charts and tables that are repeatedly required by heating, ventilating and air con engineers of their each day work.

The information is introduced in a concise method to allow it to be utilized instantly within the precise each day work of the HVAC engineer. The e-book is designed for on a regular basis use and a complete bibliography has been included for the advantage of those that want pursue the theoretical aspect of any explicit matter.

For this version some errors have been corrected, the explanatory notes on the psychrometric chart have been improved and the chart in earlier editions has been changed, with permission, by the well-known CIBSE chart. Extra knowledge has been included on design temperatures and air flow charges and data has been inserted on precautions towards legionellosis in each sizzling water techniques and air con plant. The information on duct thicknesses and sizes has been revised to evolve to present observe. A brand new part has been included on pure air flow and the on sorts of refrigeration compressors has been expanded.

 The information on refrigerants has been fully revised to checklist the brand new non-CFC and non-HCFC refrigerants. Practising engineers will nonetheless meet previous plant which accommodates refrigerants which are actually out of date or obsolescent, and subsequently the properties of the extra necessary of those are additionally given.

The coverage of earlier editions of giving tabulated knowledge in each SI and Imperial models has been continued though theoretical expressions are typically given solely in SI models.

HVAC Engineer s Handbook PDF

Author(s): F. Porges

Publisher: Elsevier

Year: 2001

ISBN: 0750646063

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