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Human Anatomy: Color Atlas and Textbook

Human Anatomy: Color Atlas and Textbook Free PDF Book

Book Description:

The new edition of this well-known hybrid anatomy core text and atlas superbly depicts and describes the human body, so you can confidently identify anatomical structures and clearly understand the core anatomy you need. Now fully revised and updated, it is the only textbook and atlas of gross anatomy that illustrates all structures using high-quality dissection photographs AND clearly labelled line drawings for each photograph. This is combined with concise yet thorough text to support and explain all key human anatomy and clearly relate it to clinical practice. The complete, downloadable eBook (via Student Consult), enhanced with interactive self-assessment material, completes this comprehensive resource.

It will be particularly relevant to medical and dental students and candidates preparing for higher surgical specialties and radiology. It will also be an invaluable, accessible guide for students in other professions where anatomy is an important component of the course.
High-quality, richly colored dissection photographs show structures most likely to be seen and tested in the lab – helps you recognize and interpret gross specimens accuratelyInterpretive line drawings next to every photograph, with consistent colour-coding – helps you clearly identify structures and differentiate fat, muscle, ligament, etc. ‘Clinical Skills’ pages and new highlighting of the most clinically relevant text helps readers quickly understand how to apply knowledge of gross anatomy to the clinical setting new photographs reflect the latest imaging techniques as seen in current practice. This book comes with the complete, downloadable eBook via STUDENT CONSULT – enhanced with new interactive self-assessment material to check understanding and aid exam preparation.

Book Contents: 

Human Anatomy User Guide
1. Basic Anatomical Concepts
2. Thorax
3. Upper Limb
4. Abdomen
5. Pelvis and Perineum
6. Lower Limb
7. Head and Neck
8. Back
Exam and Clinical Case Skills Answers
Alternative Terms

Human Anatomy: Color Atlas and Textbook PDF

Author(s): John A. Gosling, Philip F. Harris, John R. Humpherson, Ian Whitmore, Peter L. T. Willan

Publisher: Elsevier, Year: 2016

ISBN: 0723438277