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Fundamentals of Compressible flow with Aircraft and Rocket by S.M Yahya

Fundamentals of Compressible flow with Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion

Author(s)  : S.M YahyaWriter   : New Age
Version      : Third
Pages       : 696
PDF Measurement   : 44 Mb
Book Description:

The topic of compressible flow or fuel dynamics offers with the thermo-fluid dynamic issues of gases and vapours  It’s now an essential half of the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. Fundamentals of Compressible Flow covers this topic in fourteen effectively organised chapters in a lucid fashion. A big mass of theoretical materials and equations has been supported by a quantity of figures and graphical depictions. Authors sprawling instructing expertise on this topic and allied areas is mirrored within the readability, and systematic and logical presentation.?

Salient Options:

  • Begins with primary definitions and formulae.
  • Separate chapters on adiabatic flow, is entropic flow and fee equations.
  • Consists of fundamentals of the ambiance, and measuring methods.
  • Separate sections on wind tunnels, laser methods, scorching wires and flow measurement.
  • Discusses purposes in plane and rocket propulsion, house flights, and pumping of pure fuel.
  • Incorporates giant quantity of solved and unsolved issues.
  • The current version has a further chapter on miscellaneous issues in compressible flow (fuel dynamics). That is designed to assist the tutorials, practise workouts and examinations. Issues have been specifically chosen for college kids and engineers within the areas of aerospace, chemical, fuel and mechanical engineering.

Book Contents:

  1. Definitions and Fundamental Relations
  2. The Vitality Equation
  3. Charge Equations for a Management Quantity
  4. Is entropic Flow with Variable Space
  5. Wave Movement
  6. Flow with Regular Shock Waves
  7. Flow with Indirect Shock Waves
  8. Flow in Fixed Space Ducts with Friction
  9. Flow in Fixed Space Ducts with Warmth Switch
  10. Multidimensional Flow
  11. Strategies of Measurement
  12. Aircraft Propulsion
  13. Rocket Propulsion.

Fundamentals of Compressible Flow with Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion PDF

Author(s): S.M. Yahya

Publisher: New Age International Pvt Ltd Publishers, Year: 2006

ISBN: 8122414680