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Microbial Biopesticides by Opender Koul and G.S.Dhaliwal :: In order to understand whether biotechnology is making a positive contribution to integrated pest management, it is useful to review the pest control biotechnologies presently available or in development. One focus of biotechnological research has been on improving natural enemies of pests as pest control agents. This has focused principally on pathogens of insect pests and their use as formulated biological pesticides. Emphasis has been placed on bacteria and viruses, largely because they are better understood and more easily manipulated, as opposed to fungi, protozoa, nematodes, etc. A key advantage of biological agents relative to chemical pesticides is their capacity both to kill pests and reproduce at the expense of pest thereby giving some control in the future pest generations.
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Microbial Biopesticides by Opender Koul and G.S.Dhaliwal

Title: Microbial-biopesticides
Editor: G.S.Dhaliwal & Opender Koul
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Now Published by (CRC Press)
Length: 332 pages
Size: 4.35 MB
Language: English


Microbial biopesticides PDF

Author(s): Opender Koul

Series: Advances in Biopesticide Research

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2001

ISBN: 0415272130