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Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory Book Pdf Free Download

Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory By Edgar Goodaire and Michael Parmenter

Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory is Gtu Reference book for Gujarat Technological University All Branch Students in Engineering Second Year by Edgar Goodaire and Michael Parmenter.

Book Description:

Adopting a user-friendly, conversational—and at times humorous—style, these authors make the principles and practices of discrete mathematics as stimulating as possible while presenting comprehensive, rigorous coverage. Examples and exercises integrated throughout each chapter serve to pique reader interest and bring clarity to even the most complex concepts. Above all, the book is designed to engage today’s readers in the interesting, applicable facets of modern mathematics. More than 200 worked examples and problems, as well as over 2500 exercises are included. Full solutions are provided in the back of the book. More than 150 Pauses—short questions inserted at strategic points—are included. Full solutions to Pauses are included at the end of each section. For educators in area of discrete mathematics.

It contains following chapters :

Chapter 1. Logic

Chapter 2. Sets and relations

Chapter 3. Functions

Chapter 4. The Integers

Chapter 5. Induction and recursion

Chapter 6. Principles of counting

Chapter 7. Permutations and Combinations

Chapter 8. Algorithms

Chapter 9. Graphs

Chapter 10. Paths and circuits

Chapter 11. Applications of paths and circuits

Chapter 12. Depth-First Search and Applications

Chapter 13. Trees

Chapter 14. Planar graphs and coloring

Chapter 15. The Max flow — min cut theorem.


Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory (2nd Edition)

Author(s): Edgar G. Goodaire, Michael M. Parmenter, Edgar G Goodaire, Michael M Parmenter

Publisher: Prentice Hall, Year: 2001

ISBN: 0130920002