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Alternating Current Machines by MG Say :: This revised text remains the same as the previously successful editions in that emphasis is on machine performance rather than design, though design is discussed where it bears on performance. Covers transformers and standard polyphase machines. A new chapter deals with types and applications of special transformers, induction machines, and synchronous machines. Other chapters have been expanded and updated. Includes problems with answers for each chapter. In this third edition the opportunity has been taken of a complete conversion to rationalized M.K.S. units. All formula whether concerned with electrical magnetic mechanical or thermal quantities are consistent among themselves in respect of units. Only numerical examples are decimal multiples or sub multiples employed if convenient and where ratings are given in units of MV A.kVA. instead of the basic volt-ampere the fact is stated. The text has been largely re-fashioned to give emphasis to essential unity of all electromagnetic machines a unity that had been obscured by the technological accretions in which each class of machine has in the last half-century become separately embedded Further an introduction is now given to the general circuit machines a powerful method of dealing with their behavior under transient conditions.

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Alternating Current Machines by MG Say

Table of Contents

Magnetic Circuits
Loss Dissipation
Transformers: Theory and Performance
Transformers: Construction and Design
Polyphase Rotating Machines
Polyphase Rotating Machines
Induction Machines: Construction and Design
Synchronous Machines: Theory and Performance
Synchronous Machines: Construction and Design
Special Machines

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Alternating Current Machines PDF

Author(s): M.G. Say

Publisher: Pitman Publisher Ltd., Year: 1976

ISBN: 027336197X

Alternating Current Machines PDF