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Ebook Particulars :
Language English
Pages 364
Format PDF
Dimension 5.51 MB

Learning JavaScript 3RD Edition by Ethan Brown

Learning JavaScript 3RD Version by Ethan Brown PDF Free Download
Book Description:

This is an exciting time to learn JavaScript. Now that the latest JavaScript specification—ECMAScript 6.0 (ES6)—has been finalized, learning how to develop high-quality applications with this language is easier and more satisfying than ever. This practical book takes programmers (amateurs and pros alike) on a no-nonsense tour of ES6, along with some related tools and techniques.

Author Ethan Brown (Web Development with Node and Express) not only guides you through simple and straightforward topics (variables, control flow, arrays), but also covers complex concepts such as functional and asynchronous programming. You’ll learn how to create powerful and responsive web applications on the client, or with Node.js on the server.

Use ES6 today and transcompile code to portable ES5
Translate data into a format that JavaScript can use
Understand the basic usage and mechanics of JavaScript functions
Explore objects and object-oriented programming
Tackle new concepts such as iterators, generators, and proxies
Grasp the complexities of asynchronous programming
Work with the Document Object Model for browser-based apps
Learn Node.js fundamentals for developing server-side applications

Predominant Contents of Learning JavaScript 3RD Version

  • Your First Utility
  • JavaScript Improvement Instruments
  • Literals, Variables, Constants, and Information Varieties
  • Management Move
  • Expressions and Operators
  • Capabilities
  • Scope
  • Arrays and Array Processing
  • Objects and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Maps and Units
  • Exceptions and Error Dealing with
  • Iterators and Mills
  • Capabilities and the Energy of Summary Considering
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Date and Time
  •  Math
  • Common Expressions
  • JavaScript within the Browser
  • jQuery
  • Object Property Configuration and Proxies
  • Further Assets

Preface to Learning JavaScript 3RD Version

Regardless that that is my second e-book on applied sciences within the JavaScript ecosystem, I nonetheless discover myself considerably shocked at my position as a JavaScript knowledgeable and evangelist.

Like so many programmers, I held a robust prejudice towards JavaScript up till about 2012. To do such an about-face nonetheless feels a little bit disorienting.

My prejudice was for the standard causes: I thought of JavaScript a “toy” language (with out actually studying it correctly, and subsequently not realizing of what I spoke) that was practiced by harmful, sloppy, untrained novice programmers.

There’s a little reality in each of those causes. ES6 was developed shortly, and even its inventor Brendan Eich admits there are issues that he didn’t get proper the primary time round—and by the time he realized it,

too many individuals have been counting on the problematic habits for him to successfully change it (present me the language that doesn’t undergo from this downside, nonetheless).

As for the second purpose, JavaScript did make programming all of a sudden accessible. Not solely did everybody have a browser, however with solely a little bit effort, they may see the JavaScript that enabled the web sites that have been quickly proliferating on the Internet.

Folks realized by trial and error, by studying one another’s code and—in so many instances—emulating poorly written code with inadequate understanding.

I’m glad I’ve realized sufficient about JavaScript to acknowledge that—removed from being a toy language—it’s primarily based on extraordinarily stable foundations, and is highly effective, versatile, and expressive.

I’m additionally glad I’ve come to embrace the accessibility that JavaScript brings. I definitely maintain no animosity towards amateurs: everybody has to begin someplace,

programming is a worthwhile ability, and a profession in programming has many benefits. To the brand new programmer, the novice, I say this: there isn’t a disgrace in being an novice.

There’s some disgrace in staying an novice (for those who make programming your occupation, definitely). If you wish to apply programming, apply it.

Study each‐ factor you may, from each supply you may. Hold an open thoughts and—maybe most significantly—query every part.

Query each knowledgeable. Query each skilled programmer. Continuously ask “Why?” For essentially the most half, I’ve tried to maintain this e-book to the “details” of JavaScript, however it’s unattainable to utterly keep away from opinion.

The place I supply opinions, take them for what they’re. You might be welcome to disagree, and you might be inspired to hunt out the opinions of different skilled builders.

You might be studying JavaScript at a really thrilling time. The Internet is leaving its infancy (technically talking), and net improvement isn’t the complicated, sophisticated Wild West that it was 5 and 10 years in the past.

Requirements like HTML5 and ES6 are making it simpler to be taught net improvement, and simpler to develop high-quality purposes. Node is extending the attain of JavaScript past the browser, and now it’s a viable alternative for system scripting, desktop utility improvement.

Again finish net improvement, and even embedded purposes. Definitely I haven’t had this a lot enjoyable programming since I began within the mid 1980s.

Learning JavaScript: Add Sparkle and Life to Your Web Pages PDF

Author(s): Ethan Brown

Publisher: O’Reilly Media

Year: 2016

ISBN: 1491914912

Download Learning JavaScript 3RD Version by Ethan Brown PDF Free Download.