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Database Management System GTU Book (3130703) Book Pdf Free DownloadDatabase Management System GTU Book By A. A. Puntambekar

Database Management System GTU Book (3130703) is Gtu guide for Gujarat Technological College Laptop Science And IT College students in Engineering by A. A. Puntambekar.

It incorporates following chapters :

1.Database system structure: Information Abstraction, Information Independence, Information Definition Language (DDL), Information Manipulation Language (DML). (Chapter – 1)

2.Information fashions: Entity-relationship mannequin, community mannequin, relational and object oriented knowledge fashions, integrity constraints, knowledge manipulation operations. (Chapter – 2)

3.Relational question languages: Relational algebra, Tuple and area relational calculus, SQL3, DDL and DML constructs, Open supply and Business DBMS – MYSQL, ORACLE, DB2, SQL server. (Chapter – 3) 4.Relational database design: Area and knowledge dependency, Armstrong’s axioms, Regular kinds, Dependency preservation, Lossless design. (Chapter – 4)

5.Question processing and optimization: Analysis of relational algebra expressions, Question equivalence, Be part of methods, Question optimization (Chapter – 5)

6.Storage methods: Indices, B-trees, hashing. (Chapter – 6)

7.Transaction processing: Concurrency management, ACID property, Serializability of scheduling, Locking and timestamp primarily based schedulers, Multi-version and optimistic Concurrency Management schemes, Database restoration. (Chapter – 7)

8.Database Safety: Authentication, Authorization and entry management, DAC, MAC and RBAC fashions, Intrusion detection, SQL injection. (Chapter – 8)

9.SQL Ideas: Fundamentals of SQL, DDL,DML,DCL, construction – creation, alteration, defining constraints – Major key, overseas key, distinctive, not null, verify, IN operator, mixture capabilities, Constructed-in capabilities –numeric, date, string capabilities, set operations, sub-queries, correlated sub-queries, be part of, Exist, Any, All , view and its varieties., transaction management instructions. (Chapter – 9)

10. PL/SQL Ideas: Cursors, Saved Procedures, Saved Operate, Database Triggers (Chapter – 10)

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