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Data Structure GTU Book (3130702) Book Pdf Free Download

Data Structure GTU Book By A. A. Puntambekar

Data Structure GTU Book (3130702) is Gtu guide for Gujarat Technological College Pc Science And IT College students in Engineering by A. A. Puntambekar. DS Gtu guide free obtain.

It accommodates following chapters :

1. Introduction to Data Structure
Data administration ideas, Data varieties – primitive and non-primitive, Efficiency evaluation and measurement (Time and area analysts of algorithms –
Common, finest, and worst-case evaluation). Sorts of information buildings – Linear and non linear information buildings.
(Chapter – 1)

2. Linear Data Structure
Array: Illustration of arrays, Purposes of arrays, Sparse matrix, and its illustration. Stack: Stack-Definitions and ideas, Operations on stacks, Purposes of stacks, Polish
expression. Reverse polish expression and their compilation. Recursion. Tower of
Queue: Illustration of queue, Operations on queue, Round queue, Precedence queue, Array illustration of precedence queue, Double ended queue, Purposes of queue.
Linked record: Singly linked record. Doubly linked record. Round linked record. Linked implementation of stack, linked implementation of queue, Purposes of linked record.
(Chapters – 2. 3, 4, 5)

3. Nonlinear Data Structure
Tree-definitions and ideas, Illustration of binary tree, Binary tree traversal (lnorder, Postorder, Preorder).Threaded binary tree, Binary search timber, Conversion of common timber to binary timber, Purposes of trees- Some balanced tree mechanism, e.q. AVL timber, 2-Three timber, Peak balanced, Weight steadiness. Graph-matrix illustration of graphs, Elementary graph operations. (Breadth first search. Depth first search. Spanning timber. Shortest path. Minimal spanning tree). (Chapters – 6, 7)

4. Hashing and File Buildings
Hashing: The image desk, Hashing capabilities. Colllsion decision strategies.
File construction: Ideas of fields, Data and recordsdata, Sequential, Listed and relative I random file group, Indexing construction for index recordsdata, Hashing for direct recordsdata, Multi-key file group and entry strategies. (Chapters – 8, 9)

5. Sorting and Looking out
Sorting – Bubble type, Choice type, Fast type, Merge type looking out – Sequential search and binary search. (Chapter- 10)

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