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CS Unplugged: An enrichment and extension programmer for primary-aged students

This book contains series of activities, games and puzzles that are suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. Covers topics from algorithms to artificial intelligence, from binary numbers to boolean circuits, and from compression to cryptography.

Computers are everywhere. We all need to learn how to use them, and many of us use them every day. But how do they work? How do they think? And how can people write software that is fast and easy to use? Computer science is a fascinating subject that explores these very questions. The easy and fun activities in this book, designed for studentren of all ages, introduce you to some of the building blocks of how computers work—without using a computer at all!

This book can be effectively used in enrichment and extension programmes, or even in the regular classroom. You don’t have to be a computer expert to enjoy learning these principles with your students. The book contains a range of activities, with background information explained simply. Answers to all problems are provided, and each activity ends with a ‘what’s it all about?’ section that explains the relevance of the activities.

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