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Building Construction Handbook By Roy Chudley

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Building Construction Handbook Roy Chudley PDF

 841 Pages  · 45.32 MB 

This book presents the basic concepts of techniques of building construction,

mainly by means of drawings illustrating typical construction details, processes

and concepts. I have chosen this method because it reflects the primary means of

communication on site between building designer and building contractor – the

construction drawing or detail. It must be stressed that the drawings used here

represent typical details, chosen to illustrate particular points of building

construction or technology; they do not constitute the alpha and omega of any

buildings design, detail or process. The principles they illustrate must therefore, in

reality, be applied to the data of the particular problem or situation encountered.

This new edition has been revised by Roger Greeno, in line with current building


Chudley and Greeno’s Building Construction Handbook PDF

Author(s): Roy Chudley, Roger Greeno, Karl Kovac

Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2020

ISBN: 0367135426