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Arduino: A Technical Reference; A Handbook for Technicians, Engineers, and Makers (In a Nutshell)

Rather than yet another project-based workbook, Arduino: A Technical Reference is a reference and handbook that thoroughly describes the electrical and performance aspects of an Arduino board and its software.

The author of ‘Arduino: A Technical Reference’ brings together in one place all the information you need to get something done with Arduino.The book will save you from endless web searches and digging through translations of datasheets or notes in project-based texts to find the information that corresponds to your own particular setup and question.

Arduino: A Technical Reference features include pinout diagrams, a discussion of the AVR microcontrollers used with Arduino boards, a look under the hood at the firmware and run-time libraries that make the Arduino unique, and extensive coverage of the various shields and add-on sensors that can be used with an Arduino. One chapter is devoted to creating a new shield from scratch.

Arduino: A Technical Reference‘ wraps up with detailed descriptions of three different projects: a programmable signal generator, a “smart” thermostat, and a programmable launch sequencer for model rockets. Each project highlights one or more topics that can be applied to other applications.
Table of Contents

This book Arduino: A Technical Reference  covers the following subject in different chapters;

  • The Arduino Family
  • The AVR Microcontroller
  • Arduino-Specific AVR Microcontrollers
  • Arduino Technical Details
  • Programming the Arduino and AVR Microcontrollers
  • Life Without the Arduino IDE
  •  Arduino Libraries
  • Shields
  • Modules and I/O Components
  • Creating Custom Components
  • Project: A Programmable Signal Generator
  • Project: Smart Thermostat
  • Model Rocket Launcher: A Design Study


Arduino: A Technical Reference: A Handbook for Technicians, Engineers, and Makers PDF

Author(s): J. M. Hughes

Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Year: 2016

ISBN: 1491921765, 978-1491921760

Download Arduino: A Technical Reference pdf