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Analog Circuit Design Discrete and Integrated by Franco

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Analog Circuit Design: Discrete & Integrated is Gtu Reference book for B.tech  Electronics and Communications Engineering Branch Students in Engineering Second Year by Sergio Franco.

Guide Particulars :
Language English
Pages 863
Format PDF
Measurement 6.96 MB
Analog Circuit Design Discrete and Integrated by Sergio Franco | PDF Free Download

Analog Circuit Design Contents

  • Chapter 1 Diodes and the PN junction
  • Chapter 2 Bipolar Junction Transistors
  • Chapter 3 MOS Discipline-Impact Transistors
  • Chapter 4 Constructing Blocks for Analog Integrated Circuits 
  • Chapter 5 Analog Integrated Circuits 
  • Chapter 6 Frequency and Time Responses 
  • Chapter 7 Suggestions, Stability, and Noise

Preface to Analog Circuit Design Discrete and Integrated

T his textbook is meant for EE majors envisioning industrial careers in analog electronics. Analog integrated-circuit designers, product/course of/reliability engineers, check/test-development engineers, and analog functions/advertising/ customer-support engineers are all the time in nice demand.

The guide is the results of my instructing expertise at San Francisco State College, the place through the years I’ve contributed to the formation of lots of of scholars now gainfully employed in Silicon Valley in a variety of analog positions. Listed below are three necessary options of this guide:

1. Each bipolar and CMOS applied sciences are lined. Despite the fact that digital electronics is dominated by CMOS know-how, analog electronics depends on each CMOS and bipolar, the latter being the know-how of selection in high-quality analog circuits in addition to a elementary a part of BiCMOS know-how.

2. Each discrete and built-in designs are lined. Although these days the last word type of an analog system is prone to be of the integrated-circuit kind, testing and functions typically require ancillary capabilities reminiscent of conditioning and interfacing which might be greatest realized with ad-hoc discrete designs.

(Anybody conversant in the work by acknowledged leaders in analog functions/testing/instrumentation like Jim Williams and Robert Pease will comply with this.)

On this respect, BJTs can be found in a wide array of off-the-shelf discrete sorts to serve a wide range of wants, together with sensible experimentation within the lab.

Furthermore, for pedagogical causes, it’s handy to cowl easy discrete circuits earlier than tackling the extra advanced built-in circuits.

3. Semiconductor idea is offered in adequate depth to replicate the each day wants of a practising engineer within the trade.

Each analog perform is inextricably rooted in a bodily phenomenon, so analog engineers, notably IC designers and product/course of/reliability engineers, should be conversant with the physics of semiconductors with the intention to perform optimally.


The guide is organized into two components:

The primary half covers (1) Diodes, (2) BJTs, and (3) MOSFETs; as such, it’s fitted to a fi rst course in electronics, usually on the junior stage.

The fabric is sequenced in keeping with the technological evolution of electronics. Nevertheless, the trainer who needs to vary the order of protection of BJTs and MOSFETs can simply achieve this, as the 2 chapters are autonomous.

Whatever the order, the final chapter within the sequence could be lined a lot sooner than the earlier one as the scholar has already confronted the challenges of dc biasing and giant/small sign modeling.

The second half covers (4) Analog IC Constructing Blocks, (5) Consultant Analog ICs, (6) Frequency, and Time Responses, and (7) Destructive Suggestions, Stability, and Noise.

This half is fitted to a junior/graduate-level course in analog IC evaluation and design. On this half, BJTs and MOSFETs are principally lined facet by facet in order to supply a unified therapy emphasizing similarities whereas recognizing inherent variations.

Every chapter supplies pretty complete protection of its title topic, so chapters are of necessity lengthy (.100 pages every).

The general quantity of fabric exceeds that of a typical two-semester or four-quarter course sequence, so the trainer has appreciable leeway in materials choice.

Additionally, the creator feels that the scholar wants to completely grasp low-frequency circuits earlier than continuing to the more difficult frequency and time responses of Chapter 6.

However, the trainer can modify the protection by skipping appropriate subjects from Half I in favor of chosen subjects from Chapter 6.

As talked about, the primary half focuses on primary transistor circuits emphasizing the extra conventional discrete design method.

Pedagogically, it is sensible to review single-transistor circuits earlier than progressing to multi-transistor programs—a lot the higher if this half is accompanied by a lab, the place it’s simpler to analyze less complicated circuits. The truth is, at this stage, a lab (full with smoke!) is prone to supply a much more helpful studying surroundings than a computer-simulated one.

A infamous disadvantage of discrete circuits is the necessity for coupling/bypassing capacitors, which introduce a component of further distraction because it takes time for the scholar to develop full confidence with these capacitance capabilities.

Cognizant of this, I’ve tried to demystify capacitors through detailed visible examples (see Fig. 2.55, p. 181, and Fig. 3.60, p. 302). Following discrete circuits, the guide progresses to built-in circuits.

The built-in and discrete approaches are contrasted in Part 4.1; additionally, an intuitive borderline between the 2 is mentioned in Train 4.3, p. 357. The second half progresses in complexity in addition to sophistication from constructing blocks, to consultant analog ICs, to IC dynamics, and lastly to IC operation in negative-feedback, together with stability concerns, frequency compensation, and noise.

This half is meant for IC designers but additionally for all different classes of engineers concerned in fabrication, check, and functions.

Utility engineers, by far the biggest group, want a working familiarity each with the know-how (with the intention to make educated picks) and with the IC’s inside functioning (with the intention to optimize its software).

The guide’s intention is to advertise a stability between the flexibility to design on-chip and the flexibility to design on board. The guide web site includes a options guide and PowerPoint lecture slides for instructors in addition to a listing of useful internet hyperlinks and errata.

The creator appreciates being notified of any attainable errata.

This textbook is intended for EE majors envisioning industrial careers in analog electronics. Analog integrated-circuit (IC) designers, product, process, and reliability engineers, test and test-development engineers, analog applications, marketing, and customer-support engineers are always in strong demand.

Download Analog Circuit Design Discrete and Integrated by Franco PDF Free.

Analog Circuit Design: Discrete and Integrated is written by enthusiastic circuit practitioner, Sergio Franco. This text places great emphasis on developing intuition and physical insight. The numerous examples and problems have been carefully thought out to promote problem solving methodologies of the type engineers apply daily on the job. Each chapter provides a fairly comprehensive coverage of its title subject. SPICE has been integrated throughout the text both as a pedagogical aid to confer more immediately to a new concept, and as a validation tool for hand calculations. PSPICE is used to bring out nuances that would be too complex for hand calculations.

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Analog Circuit Design: Discrete & Integrated PDF

Author(s): Sergio Franco

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Year: 2015

ISBN: 0078028191 , 9780078028199