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Tabu Search

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Tabu search is a mathematical optimization method that belongs to the type of local search technique. The purpose of this book is to report on original research on Tabu Search algorithms and applications to real-world problems, as well as recent improvements and extensions to the concepts and algorithms. its. It provides a foundation for essential taboo research ideas that will enable readers to create their own successful applications. Along with the necessary insights, an enhanced understanding of the issues is provided, enabling researchers to move beyond today’s developments and create tomorrow’s methods.

tabu search algorithm

This book explores the meta-empirical approach known as taboo searching, which radically transforms our ability to solve a wide range of problems in the areas of resource planning, telematics, and resource planning. communication, VLSI design, financial analysis, planning, spatial planning, energy distribution, molecular engineering, logistics, model classification, flexible manufacturing, waste management, mineral exploration production, biomedical analysis, environmental conservation and dozens of other issues. The main ideas of tabu research are presented with examples showing their relevance for many applications. Many illustrations and diagrams are used to clarify principles that deserve emphasis and are not always well understood or applied.

The book provides both knowledge and ideas “how-to”, rather than focusing solely on computer recipes or abstract topics. This book is designed to be useful and accessible to researchers and practitioners in management science, industrial engineering, economics, and computer science. It can be usefully used as a handbook in a master’s course or in a doctoral seminar. Because of its emphasis on presenting ideas through illustrations and diagrams and identifying relevant real-world applications, it can also be used as supplemental text in undergraduate courses at high school. head. In the end, there are far more taboo search apps than can be mentioned in a book, and new ones come out every day.


Tabu Search

Author(s): Edited by: Wassim Jaziri

ISBN: 978-3-902613-34-9



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