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In many scientific problems, an essential step toward their solution is modeling and identifying soma objects or systems under investigation. As defined here, system identification is the process of deriving a mathematical system model from observed data in accordance with some predetermined criterion. The increasing expansion in the use of system identification results from demands imposed by advances in other scientific and technological areas such as biomedicine, physics, electrical engineering, and computer science.

Table of contents :

1. Introduction
2. Black box models
3. Signals and systems
4. Spectrum analysis
5. Linear regression
6. Identification of time-series models
7. Modeling
8. The experimental procedure
9. Model validation
10. Model approximation
11. Real-time identification
12. Continous-time models
13. Multidimensional identification
14. Nonlinear system identification
15. Adaptive systems
A. Appendix: Basic matrix algebra
B. Appendix: Statistical inference
C. Appendix: Numerical optimization
D. Appendix: Statistical properties of time series
E. Appendix: A case study


System Modeling and Identification PDF

Author(s): Rolf Johansson

Publisher: Prentice-Hall International, Year: 1993

ISBN: 0131458892


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