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Structural Timber Design to Eurocode 5 by Jack Porteous and Abdy Kermani


As a pure materials, timber is exclusive, modern and simple to deal with. It’s sustainable, environmentally pleasant, may be readily recycled, and as sawn sections or qualitycontrolled engineered merchandise, timber has a big potential marketplace for use as a structural and constructing materials.

Nonetheless, the prevailing civil and structural engineering curricula neglect, to a big extent, the significance of timber as a viable engineering materials and as a consequence comparatively few textbooks present info on the design of timber constructions.

Additionally, most books have tended to focus on designs in accordance with BS 5268, a permissible stress-based design, with restricted info on designs to Eurocode 5, which is predicated on a restrict states design philosophy. BS 5268 is to get replaced by Eurocode 5 within the very close to future and all timber designs in the UK may have to be carried out in accordance with this code.

This e-book is predicated solely on using Eurocode 5: Design of Constructions. Half 1-1: Normal – Widespread Guidelines and Guidelines for Constructing, referred to as EC5 within the e-book, and incorporates the necessities of the related UK Nationwide Annex.

There’s a urgent want for practising engineers in addition to specialist contractors, postgraduate and undergraduate college students of civil and structural engineering programs to change into aware of the design guidelines in EC5 and this e-book presents an in depth clarification and information to using the code.

It gives complete info and a step-by-step strategy to the design of parts, connections and constructions utilizing quite a few labored examples and encourages using computer systems to perform design calculations.

Chapter 1 introduces the character and inherent traits of timber and provides an outline of timber and its engineered merchandise as structural and constructing supplies, and contains design-related info on the energy and stiffness properties required for design in accordance with the necessities of EC5. In

Chapter 2 the design philosophy utilized in Eurocodes is defined. It contains info on the relevance of the necessities of Eurocode 0 to EC5 in addition to the importance of the results of moisture content material, load period, creep behaviour and measurement components and so forth., within the design course of.

Chapter 3 provides an outline of Mathcad®, a pc software program package deal used to perform mathematical calculations, and particulars its simplicity and the benefits that it gives when used for design calculations.

The software program is often utilized in design workplaces and universities and the goal is to encourage readers to use computing as a instrument to improve their understanding of how design options range in response to a change in a number of of the variables and how different design choices may be simply investigated.

The design of primary parts is defined and illustrated in Chapters 4 and 5 while the design of extra specialised parts equivalent to glued-laminated straight, tapered and curved beams and columns, skinny webbed and skinny flanged beams and built-up columns is roofed in Chapters 6–8 utilizing quite a few labored examples.

In Chapter 9, the lateral stability necessities of timber constructions are addressed, and the design of stability bracing and the racking resistance of flooring and wall diaphragms utilizing the principles in EC5 are defined.

The design of connections utilizing steel dowel kind fasteners is roofed in Chapter 10. It contains an outline of the speculation used for connection design along with a complete protection of the lateral and axial energy necessities of nailed, screwed and bolted joints.

The lateral stiffness behaviour of a majority of these connections can also be coated in Chapter 10 in addition to the design of connections with a number of shear planes. A number of step-by-step labored examples are supplied to illustrate the design strategies defined on this chapter.

Chapter 11 covers the energy and stiffness behaviour of connectors equivalent to toothed plates, split-rings and shear plates. In Chapter 12, the design of inflexible and semi-rigid connections subjected to mixed second and lateral forces is addressed with examples displaying the numerous impact on joint and member behaviour when semi-rigid behaviour is included within the design course of.

On the time of publication of the e-book a Draft Modification A1 to EC5 is being processed. An overview of the proposed adjustments being thought-about is given in Appendix C and the place an modification will lead to a change to the design process described within the e-book, reference is made to the draft proposal within the textual content.

All design examples given on this e-book are produced within the type of worksheet recordsdata and can be found on a CD to run underneath Mathcad Model 11, or greater. Particulars are given behind the e-book (see web page 542). The examples are absolutely self-explanatory and nicely annotated and the authors are assured that the readers, whether or not practising design engineers, course instructors or college students, will discover them extraordinarily helpful to produce design options or put together course handouts.

Particularly, the worksheets will enable design engineers to undertake sensitivity analyses to arrive on the most fitted/financial resolution(s) in a short time. To stop any confusion between the numbering system used within the e-book and that used within the Eurocodes, the place reference is made within the textual content to a particular part, merchandise quantity, or desk in a Eurocode and/or its accompanying UKNA, it’s given in italics.

Manual for the design of timber building structures to Eurocode 5






Structural timber design to Eurocode 5 PDF

Author(s): Jack Porteous; Abdy Kermani

Publisher: Blackwell Pub.

Year: 2007

ISBN: 9780470697924

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