Book Name: [PDF] Structural Cross Sections : Analysis and Design by Naveed Anwar
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Structural Cross Sections : Analysis and Design by Naveed Anwar

Structural Cross Sections : Analysis and Design by Naveed Anwar

Book Description

Structural Cross Sections: Analysis and Design provides valuable information on this key subject covering almost all aspects including theoretical formulation, practical analysis and design computations, various considerations and issues related to cross-sectional behavior, and computer applications for determination of cross-sectional response. The presented approach can handle all complex shapes, material behaviors and configurations. The book starts with a clear and rigorous overview of role of cross-sections and their behavior in overall structural design process. Basic aspects of structural mechanics are reviewed and procedures to determine basic cross-sectional properties, stress and strain distributions, stress resultants and other response parameters, are provided. A brief discussion about the role of material behavior in cross-sectional response is also included. The unified and integrated approach to determine axial-flexural capacity of cross-sections is utilized in development of P-M and M-M interaction diagrams of cross-sections of various shapes. The behavior and design of cross-sections subjected to shear and torsion is also included with emphasis on reinforced concrete sections. Several detailed flow charts are included to demonstrate the procedures used in ACI, BS and Euro codes for design of cross-section subjected to shear and torsion, followed by solved examples. The book also presents the discussion about various factors that can lead to ductile response of cross-sections, especially those made of reinforced concrete. The definition and development of action-deformation curves especially moment-curvature (-) curve is discussed extensively. Various factors such as confinement, rebar distribution and axial load effect on the ductility are shown through examples. The use of moment-curvature curve to compute various section response parameters is also explained though equations and examples. Several typical techniques and materials for retrofitting of cross-sections of reinforced concrete beams, columns and slabs etc. are reviewed. A brief discussion of various informative references related to the evaluation and retrofitting of structures is included for practical applications. Towards the end, the book provides an overview of various software applications available for cross-section design and analysis. A framework for the development of a general-purpose cross-section analysis software, is presented and various features of few commercially available software packages are compared using some example cross-sections.

Book Preference

The cross-sections and their properties are a basic component in almost all aspects of the analysis and design of structures. In fact, the primary objective of an efficient design process is to proportion the cross-sections of structural elements to resist the applied load effects and actions. Also, the preliminary dimensions and properties of cross-sections are required to start the modeling and analysis process for the structural system, to pre- pare initial cost estimates, and even to refine the basic space planning and utilization schemes. It is the key role cross-sections play in overall structural behavior, analysis, and design, which motivated authors to write a book focusing on their basic understanding and behavior, with an emphasis on computer applications.

Book Content

Structures and Structural Design
Understanding Cross-Sections
Axial–Flexural Response of Cross-Sections
Response and Design for Shear and Torsion
Response and Design of Column Cross-Sections
Ductility of Cross-Sections
Retrofitting of Cross-Sections
Software Development and Application for the Analysis of Cross-Sections
Appendix A – Cross-Sectional Properties of Some Common Shapes
Appendix B – Torsional Constant Factors

Structural Cross Sections. Analysis and Design PDF

Author(s): Naveed Anwar and Fawad Ahmed Najam (Auth.)

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

Year: 2016

ISBN: 9780128044834

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