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This manual has been updated and upgraded with a lot of dedication by the author. Recent grading and staging of malignant conditions, along with the current trends in therapeutic modalities, have been discussed wherever necessary. AJCC 2018, 8th edition staging system is added. Brief operative techniques of relevant surgeries have been provided. Recent newer concepts and management are added. Exclusive 3000 original self-explanatory clinical photographs and illustrations pertinent to the topics are incorporated. Surgical anatomy has been included wherever necessary. Newer appropriate tables, boxes, and pictures with particular points are added in the right places. Style, formatting, and fonts are rearranged as per students. Need. For a better understanding of the students, three sizes of fonts are used, namely- 10pt, 9pt, and 8. 5pt important subjects are kept in font size 10pt. Remember, boxes, tables, and other issues are in 9pt notes are in 8. 5pt references have been taken from standard books and journals. Text material is adequately covered to meet the need of exam-going undergraduates and surgical practitioners for postgraduate entrance examinations.

Table of contents :

Title page
1. General Surgery
2. Faciomaxillary Diseases
3. Oral Cavity
4. Salivary Glands
5. Neck
6. Thyroid
7. Parathyroids and Adrenals
8. Breast
9. Peritoneum
10. Abdominal Tuberculosis
11 . Liver
12. Gallbladder
13. Spleen
14. Pancreas
15. Retroperitoneal Space
16. Differential Diagnosis of Mass Abdomen
17. Abdominal Wall and Umbilicus
18. Hernia
19. Oesophagus
20. Stomach
21 . Small Intestine
22. Large Intestine
23. Intestinal Obstruction
24. Appendix
25. Rectum and Anal Canal
26. Urology
27. Neurosurgery
28. Thorax
29. Adjuvant Therapy
30. Anaesthesia
31 . Advanced Imaging Methods
32. Operative Surgery
33. Miscellaneous
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Download SRB’s Manual of Surgery PDF 

Author(s): Sriram Bhat M.

Publisher: Jaypee, Year: 2019

ISBN: 9789352709076


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