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Spectral Methods in Matlab

    Book Name: Spectral Methods in Matlab
    Category: MATLAB
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    Spectral Methods in Matlab 

    Spectral Methods in Matlab pdf

    Book Description:

    This is the only book on spectral methods built around MATLAB programs. Along with finite differences and finite elements, spectral methods are one of the three main technologies for solving partial differential equations on computers. Since spectral methods involve significant linear algebra and graphics, they are very suitable for the high-level programming of MATLAB. This hands-on introduction is built around forty short and powerful MATLAB programs, which the reader can download from the World Wide Web. This book presents the fundamental ideas along with many figures, examples, and short, elegant MATLAB programs for readers to adapt to their needs. It covers ODE and PDE boundary value problems, eigenvalues and pseudospectral, linear and nonlinear waves, and numerical quadrature.


    Spectral Methods in Matlab PDF

    Author(s): Lloyd N. Trefethen

    Series: Software, Environments, Tools

    Publisher: SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Year: 2001

    ISBN: 9780898714654


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